Website Security & Why You Need Website Protection

Website Security is Often Overlooked in the Process of Designing a Website. Make Sure You're Protected with Strong Website Protection.

Website Security & Why You Need Website Protection

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

    Website security is often overlooked in the process of designing a website.

    Make sure you’re protected with strong website protection.

    This is part 4 of an 8-part website development series on making sure your website has a strong foundation for success.

    Are There Bots On Your Website Right Now?


    Did you know that bots are trolling your website right now?

    Before you continue reading I want you to see this LIVE representation of global bot activity here. Just take a quick look, it only takes 30 seconds. Then you’ll understand why this is so important.

    What that representation shows, is live attacks happening from recognised bots, it also just shows a summary, and that’s why it’s critical you make sure you have this sorted.

    What Do Bots Do On Your Website?

    Many things.

    The details surrounding spammers and bots on the web are pretty technical, but what you need to know is that they’re everywhere and scraping your website ALL THE TIME.

    You need to introduce website security technology that will speed up your site, but most importantly, give you broad security and spammer bot website security.

    Do you want to have a good website design? If you do – do NOT miss our article with a number of important hints!

    Answers to these two key questions will determine your risk of data loss:

    1. Do people often try and break in?
    2. How important is what’s in the safe/website?

    While you think that people don’t often try and break in, on all the sites that we manage at Lab41 we find that automated bots are trying to break in every 2 minutes 24/7.

    I can guarantee you that it’s probably quite similar on your own website!

    Take 2 minutes and read this brief overview: 8 High-Level Impacts That Bots Do To Your Website.

    Your website is the safe and your security features are the locks.

    If you have had issues with spam, and security or your website is important to your business, you need website security to avoid from being compromised in the future.

    Block threats and prevent abusive bots and crawlers from reaching your site. 

    This significantly improves the performance and speed of protected websites as well as decreasing spam and other attacks.

    Services For Website Security (And To Speed It Up)

    In a previous article I’ve spoken about the importance of a fast website (you can read the article here: ‘Website Speed: How 1 Second Would Cost Amazon £1.6 Billion‘).

    At Lab41 we provide a Website Performance App that covers both website speed and website security.

    You can expect lightning-fast websites with security & DDOS protection, this is the cutting-edge technology used by some of the biggest sites around the world.

    This is a fascinating and important area of website development and I hope I’ve managed to convey just how important website security is, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    Your Next Step


    Go onto the web and check if your content has already been pirated and if not, be grateful that you still have time to sort this out!

    So now you know a little about web piracy and how to stop it once it’s happened and that your content is a digital asset and it’s imperative that you protect it.

    I won’t go into too many details but if you want to minimize this risk, then take a look at our ‘Content Guard’ app that assists with this.

    Website Performance App

    As always, if you have any questions, just get in touch and we’d love to help you!

    Is your content safe? Are you protected from web pirates?

    What’s Next?

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    Use Web Protection to Stop Content Theft

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