3 Reasons It’s Vital To Have a Website Map

How to Build Massive Trust with Your Website Visitors by Including an Interactive Website Map on Your Website. It's Easy and You Should do It.

WEBSITE MAP 3 Reasons Its Vital

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

    How to build massive trust with your website visitors by including an interactive website map on your website. It’s easy and you should do it.

    This is part 5 of a 6-part series on increasing sales through your website by improving its look and feel.

    Getting Lost Is Bad, Do You Make Customers To Get Lost?

    I trust that you are well and that the coffee was fresh this morning!

    Have You Ever Been Lost While Trying To Find Somewhere?

    It’s happened to all of us before and it’s such a pain.

    You eventually have to ask a stranger for directions which isn’t good for you ego! Often they don’t know where it is you want to go and you end up getting more lost.

    I don’t think that your customers/suppliers should have to experience this.

    I’ve come across so many websites that make this basic mistake that this is just a reminder to ensure that your website has clear directions to your location so that your customers/suppliers don’t get lost!

    Don’t Twiddle Your Thumbs Waiting For People

    Remember how I said that people hate asking for directions and that you shouldn’t make your customers do it?

    I was thinking that there is another side to this as well.


    Who Else Does This Impact?

    You and your staff.

    While your customer/supplier is lost trying to find you, you and your staff get to sit and twiddle your thumbs.

    You can’t really take on a new task as they might walk in the door at any minute, so you’re stuck in this limbo state.


    Sound familiar?

    I hear you asking, so what? How does this apply to your website? It’s simple really, you should make the directions to your location (or locations if you have multiple) crystal clear on your website!

    They should also be prominent, visual, and easy to find. They should be visible in your menu and accessible directly from your homepage.

    Did I mention that they should be mobile friendly?

    It’s going to be most unlikely that a late customer/supplier is at their computer. 

    Rather, they are frantically trying to find you on their smartphone! Make it easy for them by making your directions mobile friendly and clear to follow.

    Boost Your Customer Trust Signals With This Tip

    There are a few things that give you that ‘these guys have been around for a while feeling’ as a physical location or a website map.

    Don’t hide the fact that you have a physical location as well as a virtual presence (your website), use a website map!

    When people are deciding if they should contact you or do business with you, they often have a look at if you have offices (which they can see if you use a website map) and what country or neighborhood you’re based in.

    Where Should Your Website Map Be?

    Ideally, your website map should be on the contact page as it builds MASSIVE trust and encourages them to reach out to you.

    Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to build trust with your website visitors by using a website map.


    Who Else Does a Website Map Add Value For?

    A website map also adds MASSIVE value for search engines.

    They are able to parse (read your address) and note where you are based, which they intelligently use to give you better rankings for those users that are searching in your area.

    Let’s Look At An Example

    You might be a hair salon with a physical address in New York.

    If a user in New York searches for “hair salon new york” you are going to have a much higher chance of ranking. I mean you’re now only competing with hair salons in New York, not the whole world!

    This is even more pronounced when you include a suburb/district.

    E.g. if you’re based in Manhattan and the user searches “hair salon Manhattan” you stand an EVEN BETTER chance of ranking.

    Not only for those that type in “hair salon Manhattan” but those that just type in “hair salon” since the search engine CAN SEE that the user is in Manhattan and will AUTOMATICALLY include you in the results.

    If you’re based in 5th Avenue, and the user searches for “hair salon” it will auto-detect that you are the nearest hair salon and show you higher up the rankings!


    What About You?

    Does your website have this sorted?

    Is there a clear map with directions on your contact page to build the user’s trust?

    If not, why not?

    Surely this is important to you?

    Why It’s Critical To Let Your Visitors Know Where You Are

    We’ve looked at how important it is to have a clear location for your business on your website.

    Why Is It Important?

    Firstly, it helps build trust with your users. They can see that you are there and not just some unknown digital entity.

    Secondly, if your visitors get lost, they can quickly find your contact page and see a clear map with directions to your location.

    Thirdly, it helps search engines know where you are based so that when a visitor in your area searches for something you offer, you have a better chance of ranking.

    Need Help With This?

    We have a powerful map integration app. Go on, check it out and see what a powerful interactive map looks like!

    Online Map Integration App

    P.s. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch! We’re friendly and don’t bite. ????

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