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Boost Your Website Conversion Rate by Copying What the Highest Converting Websites All Do. You'll Waste 97% of Your Traffic if You Don't do This.

WEBSITE CONVERSION 7 Website Conversion Secrets

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

    Boost your website conversion rate by copying what the highest converting websites all do. You’ll waste 97% of your traffic if you don’t do this.

    This is step #03 of our proven 8 step ‘Business Growth Series’ to grow your business through your website by 200% to 1000%+.

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    How To Get More Customers By Improving Your Website Conversion

    Remember at the start I mentioned that in business school 101, there are 3 ways to grow your business?

    1. Get more customers.
    2. Get each customer to spend more.
    3. Get each customer to spend more often.

    And that I said that it was the combination of these that leads to exponential growth?

    Now I want to focus on pt 1. Get more customers.


    Why? They chose to visit your website rather than you contacting them. They still don’t know you!

    For these first few seconds they’re on your site they are skeptical and are trying to make a split-second judgement. You do the same when you visit a new website.

    In fact…


    (Source: KissMetrics)

    So you’ve got to get your message across clearly and quickly.

    What Message Should You Communicate To Boost Your Conversion?

    So what message should you communicate in these mighty fast 2 seconds?

    Going back to the hot dog seller, would it be a good message to communicate facts (X amount of calories, and Y Kilo-joules of energy, or that it’s organic) in those 2 seconds?

    NO! NO! NO!

    How many facts can you actually communicate in such a short space of time that will make someone take action?

    In those 2 seconds, the visitors are looking for the answer “How can this help or benefit me?

    Let me introduce a lead magnet to you.

    What Is a Lead Magnet & How Does It Help Website Conversion?


    It does what its name suggests, like what a magnet does to metal. a lead magnet attracts leads. Obviously!

    The better the magnet the more it attracts.

    A lead magnet is an irresistible offer that offers exceptional value to your visitor.

    …in exchange for their contact info.


    A new website visitor has no goodwill or trust.

    You’re complete strangers.

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    This is where most businesses go wrong and it harms their website conversion rate. They assume the visitor trusts them and is willing to “buy” or inquire about their services.

    That’s like a door to door salesman. They dress up smart, start knocking on random doors and then try and sell a product immediately. How often have you bought a product from a door-to-door salesman like this?

    While this works for some businesses, you don’t see Amazon doing this, or Apple or Starbucks, or any major business. They are masters of website conversion!



    So that begs the question…

    How Do You Build This Trust To Boost Your Website Conversion?


    The answer is simple.


    Yet again, this is where businesses fail miserably.

    They ask new customers to take a massive leap of faith and trust them. You can see why this won’t help their website conversion.

    While some customers will take this massive jump of faith, the majority won’t.

    So ask yourself, when a new visitor sees your website, are you asking them to

    • take a massive leap of faith and buy your products/services
    • or inquire

    when they don’t know who you are and if they can trust you?

    If so, you’re wasting your money getting traffic.

    You need to build trust and boost your website conversion rate.

    It’s a little like finding a life partner. You see someone you’re interested in, and you then have a chat and put your best foot forward. Then you go on a few dates and get to know them and build trust.

    Then when you have a strong foundation of trust (which takes time and patience) you might decide to marry them. You’d be a creep if you asked them to marry you when you first saw them.

    Yet, this is how most business websites approach new site visitors. They ask for marriage at first sight! Creepy!

    This Is a SHOCKING Lead Magnet That Will Lower Website Conversions

    Asking users to ‘subscribe’ to your newsletter is a SHOCKING ‘Lead Magnet’.


    It’s like they were too lazy to think of something interesting to write and instead just have an annoying popup.

    When I look at this I think:

    • What’s in it for me?
    • Why would I subscribe?
    • Do I really want updates in my inbox? I’d rather visit in my own time, please!

    So if you’re doing the whole ‘Signup for the newsletter’, make it amazing.

    Do not do something like this…


    This one from Paul Mitchell is a little better but they still don’t make me want to sign up. They are a massive international company and the best they can come up with is this?

    While I might want the inside scoop, generally these ‘inside scoops’ aren’t that ‘inside’ and are not worth it. However, I might want to hear about their contests, so there’s a little in it for me.

    Let’s look at a great example of a ‘Newsletter Signup’.


    It’s eye-catching and looks great, but again within 2 seconds I want to know ‘what’s in it for me?’

    Since I’m considering ordering something and have had a good look around the site, let me signup and get my 20% discount, in case I do order. They also will let me know of special offers, so that might save some money.

    So you can see there is something in it for me, and I’d consider signing up. (However, they should change the words on the button from ‘Subscribe Now’ to maybe ‘Yes Please!” or ‘Give Me My Discount!’

    If you’re trying to build a ‘Newsletter’ subscriber list, you have to offer something to your customers. Dangle a carrot. Whatever it is make it irresistible or you’ll just frustrate people.

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