Use Web Analytics To Discover Your Traffic Sources

Use Web Analytics to Quickly Identify What's Going on with Your Website! Find Out Where Your Leads and Traffic are Coming From. Learn More.

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Use web analytics to quickly identify what’s going on with your website! Find out where your leads and traffic are coming from. Learn More.

This is part 4 of a 6-part series on increasing sales through boosting the leads your website generates.

This Is a REALLY Bad Idea – Yet Many People Do It!

What’s a Bad Idea?

Have you ever driven a car in the dark with no lights on?

I haven’t tried, but it just seems like a bad idea.

Yet, this is how many companies treat a website and online marketing.

They are literally guessing their way around.

I just don’t understand this!

With online marketing EVERYTHING is extremely measurable and

There is no excuse to be driving around in the dark.

What Is Web Analytics?

It’s a way used to measure and track the success of your website. It gives you insights about your website and valuable information about site visitors to help you improve your business.

Let’s say you own a brick-and-mortar business, a physical storefront.

You can count how many customers walk through your doors, what products they’re instantly attracted to, their demographic, how many of your visitors actually purchased merchandise – you get the point.

If you conduct all of your business online, you need web analytics to track this type of information. Without it, you’re essentially blind — you’ll have no idea which marketing methods work and which ones don’t.

With website analytics tracking all of the things (and more).

that you could track in a physical storefront, you can better understand the effectiveness of your marketing methods, get to know your visitors and their behaviors, and optimize your website for increased conversions.

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If you haven’t done so already, please get our analytics checklist below.

How is Your Website Performing? a 20 Point Google Analytics Checklist

A Few Questions For You

  • Do you know how your website visitors find you?
  • What search engines they come from?
  • What keywords did they they use?
  • What other websites sent you visitors?
  • How long did they stay on your site for before leaving?
  • Are they doing what you want them to do?
  • Do you know which pages make them LEAVE your website?
  • Do you know how many inquiries your site generates per month?
  • What’s the value of those inquiries?
  • Do you know exactly WHICH sources generated those inquiries?
  • Do you know which pages most of your website visitors landed on first?

If you answered ‘NO’ to any of these questions, it sounds like your driving in the dark…and that doesn’t seem like the smartest thing to do.

If You Know The Answers

You see, if you know the answer to these questions, you can focus your effort on resolving any issues and allocate your marketing spend where it has the MAXIMUM impact.

Doesn’t that make sense?

If you’re going to be making decisions regarding your online success, it’s CRITICAL that you have some way to measure what’s going on.

Let me give you an example. If your website is 100 pages, and you’re looking to optimise it, using analytics you might quickly find that 99% of your visitors are viewing 5 pages and then leaving.

You can then isolate those 5 pages and edit them so that they add more value to your users which will keep them on your website. This way, you only need to edit 5 pages for a massive conversion boost!

What’s It All About In The End?

It’s all about

  1. conversions
  2. driving more traffic to your website
  3. turning visitors into customers

With a good understanding of your site’s metrics, you can grow and scale your business quickly.

I now want to show you the power of good reporting.

57% Of Marketers Cited This As Their Biggest Bottleneck. Are You The Same?

Did you know that 57% of marketers cited ‘measurement, analysis, and learning’ as the biggest bottleneck they face within their organizations?

Why? It’s because it’s so difficult to get the correct data!

Why Is It So Important?

Without accurate data it’s impossible to make decisions.

A Quick Scenario

Let’s say you’ve got two partners where you spend money and you need to decide where to allocate more marketing budget:

Partner 1 has sent you 5 000 visitors.

Partner 2 has sent you 200 visitors.

On which partner would you spend more of your marketing money?

While it might SEEM like partner 1 is better for you, using advanced reporting what if I told you that:

Partner 1 has sent you 5000 visitors and only 10 people enquired as a result. (They sent lots of the wrong type of people to your site.)

Partner 2 has sent you 200 visitors and 100 people enquired as a result.

Where would you allocate your marketing spend now?

I hope you now see why I go on and on about how important web analytics is! Otherwise you’re just guessing!

Stop driving in the dark!

What Must a Strategy Be?

A professional marketing strategy must be measurable.

With websites, social networks, search rankings and all the various components of online marketing you need a thorough understanding what is working and what isn’t.

People Throw Money At Trends

I know it’s obvious, but so few people know this. They throw their money at the latest trend and hope that it will work.

We’ve got some pretty sophisticated tools and we’re able to extract all the data you could possibly need for your website so you can take actionable decisions.

7 Important Metrics You Should Know About Your Website

  1. Which topics are your readers MOST interested in.
  2. Which pages are boring and chasing your visitors away from your site.
  3. What social media sites you should spend your time on. (Do they add value?)
  4. Is your email frequency optimised? (Are you emailing your list too little or too much?)
  5. Improve your website conversion.
  6. Identify partners who bring you business & strengthen those relationships.
  7. Focus on the marketing that ACTUALLY works.

It really is quite simple once you start measuring.

It All Comes Down To ONE Question

Does that action generate a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE ROI?

If it’s positive great, if it’s negative you either need to cut it, or improve it.

The great thing about our web analytics tool is that we can configure it to give AS MUCH or AS LITTLE information as you need.

What Do You Want?

Do you want to drill down into the details (like how many seconds a user spent on a page!)? No problem.

Do you only want a high-level executive summary? No problem.

Once you can see where you’re going the difference is light and dark. It’s literally like turning on the lights when you’re driving in the dark!

Make it easier for your business to succeed,

How NOT To Make Decisions. (Have You Wasted Your Money?)

I’m pretty sure you’ve wasted a lot of money on your business.

Have You Wasted Money?

Everyone has wasted money in business. It’s called school fees.

Some of it’s unavoidable. The frustration is when it could have been avoided.

I can’t help but marvel how everyone has a different opinion about marketing.

While diversity is great, who’s right and who’s wrong? After all, it’s your money!

How NOT To Make Decisions

Without any form of data to back up your feelings, they stay just that. Feelings.

Gut feelings.

That’s not the way to make decisions about your website and online marketing.

Without some cold hard facts, and more importantly, clear marketing metrics, you’re guessing.

There’s no other way to say it, and there’s no way round it.

Don’t you think it’s time to know what’s going on with your online presence?

It just seems like the smart thing to do.

Achieving MAXIMUM Impact With Your Money

We’ve taken a brief look at web analytics and why it’s important.

Why Is Web Analytics Important?

Basically, without it, we said it’s like driving a car in the dark without lights on.

It’s just dangerous and not very smart.

With web analytics, you can better understand the effectiveness of your marketing methods, get to know your visitors and their behaviors, and optimize your website for increased conversions.

How Can You Have Maximum Impact?

With the correct data you can EASILY see WHERE to focus your marketing spend for MAXIMUM impact.

It will also offer great insight into your customers. Many of our customers have been surprised at the data they have found.

Although they have been in their industry for 20 years, when they’ve seen some of the data they were AMAZED at some of insights it provided.

Your Next Step

I really think it’s time that you enabled the ‘Web Analytics’ app for your website so we can see where you should be focusing your online efforts.

We’ve put together a range of reports for our clients depending on their needs, and would love to help you as well. If you’d like a little assistance here, view our

Website Reporting App

Here’s to driving with the lights on! Without this, it’s almost impossible to see what’s working and what’s not.

Each package has a different level of reporting.

What’s Next?

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Alex advises business, individuals, and organizations on how to use the internet to grow. He loves ideas and concepts and uses tech to make them a reality. Online marketing is his passion and loves to share the various tricks, and tools he discovers.

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Alex advises business, individuals, and organizations on how to use the internet to grow. He loves ideas and concepts and uses tech to make them a reality. Online marketing is his passion and loves to share the various tricks, and tools he discovers.