3 Tips From Successful Websites To Set You Up For Success

Alex Read

Alex Read

Last updated 11 March 2020
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These 3 successful website tips have stood the test of time and will help you make your website a success. Follow them and it will be easy!

This is part 6 of a 6-part series on increasing traffic to your website by ensuring search engines know what your website is about.

It’s Not That Difficult

By now you’ve realised that there are some powerful tools that we regularly use at Lab41 to create successful websites and we hope that you’ve found them as useful as we have!

We always say that

Building a strong web presence takes time and can’t be rushed.

Using the successful website tools we’ve covered will help you ensure that you have a great foundation!

As we draw this series to a close I have 3 final thoughts about successful websites that I’d like to share with you for your website.

#1 Do What You’re Best At

Too many people think that they can do everything and attempt to do so.

I really believe that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

The only thing that it requires is time and a willingness to learn.

However, the problem is that time is limited.

So if you’re busy learning how to use these tools, you’re not focusing on your core strength.

It’s like a doctor who’s using his valuable time learning about all these website tools, when he could be seeing patients.

Even if you know about these tools, rather get someone who is using them daily to assist you.

So please, use your time wisely!

#2 Be Patient

The amount of data and insight these tools provide is vast. It takes time to process the data and act upon it. Don’t rush from one thing to the next.

Chip away at it each day, and you’ll find it completed in no time.

Don’t try to do it all at once or you’ll be overwhelmed. This is the main reason I’ve split up the sharing of these tools over such a long period.

I wanted you to have a few days to play around and experiment with each tool, before I introduced the next one!

#3 Have a Clear Strategy

Using these tools you’ll come across some amazing trends and it will inspire you with new ideas. You’ll be tempted to run in multiple directions and will be full of enthusiasm.

I urge you to have a clear strategy and apply all these new ideas to that CORE strategy. Stay focused.

Have you ever wondered how is your website performing? It’s easy to find out – use this 20 Point Google Analytics Custom Report Checklist.

The web is massive and fascinating, and you need to stay focused.

If you need any help, we’re here to help you at Lab41.

Just reach out and say hi!

What’s Next?

You’ve just completed part 6, the last article in the website marketing series!

Although you’ve read it all and hopefully can review it yourself, why not get a second opinion and check out our special on the ‘Lab41 Website SEO Audit?

Although this website marketing series has finished, please join us for any of our other series. We really want to partner and empower you to succeed.

Lab41 Resources

Or give the Lab41 SitePRO a go and take a risk-free trial now.

I realise there’s a lot to building a strong web presence needs a clear strategy. If you need a little help with your strategy, take a look at our ‘Strategy Session‘ app (available for all clients).

If you have a clear strategy, and want to browse some of our powerful marketing apps, have a look at ‘All Addons‘.

Why not start the next series?

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