Use Social Buttons To Remove This Massive Friction Point

Alex Read

Alex Read

Last updated 25 April 2021
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social buttons

Use social buttons to allow your customers to login and register to your website with 1-click using their social media profiles.

This is part 6 of a 6-part series on increasing sales through improving the customer experience with your website.

Remove This Friction Point In Your Website

I’m excited about today. I’ve got something to share with you that’s not tricky, complicated or made up of many features. It really is quite simple.

It’s also much easier to conceptualize and communicate with you!

Recent Social Media Statistics

social buttons

(Source: Wikipedia)

social buttons

(Source: Wikipedia)

social buttons

(Source: Wikipedia)


What I want to do today is talk about an aspect of internet marketing that has been gaining HUGE traction and is increasing each year.

Do You Remember We Talked About Friction Points?

One of those is logging in. It’s such a pain to login to a website and an even bigger pain to register.

It turns out that I’m not the only one who feels like this. There are others. In fact, it’s most of us.

92% of people who’ve forgotten their password abandon a website.

…rather than go through the process of recovering account information.


That’s serious.

2 Major Problems With Logging On

  1. People don’t want to fill out registration forms.
  2. If they’re forgotten their password they abandon the website.

How Do We Solve Two Birds With One Stone?

We introduce the option of a social media login.

This allows users to login to your website using one of their social media accounts.

Life is all about making choices! Here’s a list with 11 Good Choices that you will never regrat making!

Since all the data is already in the social media account they just need to click on the correct button to login on your website. Easy as that.

This Is Becoming a Big Trend

new study has found that

social buttons

What Is Social Media Login?

social buttons

Simply put it allows your visitors to login to your website using their social media account.

You can also allow users to register using their social profiles, which makes registering a breeze!

No long forms, just the click of a button.

Your Next Step

I want you to start keeping an eye out for this feature on the web. Now that I’ve mentioned it to you, you’re going to start seeing it everywhere!

I also want you to start thinking about if you want to make it super-simple for people to create accounts and login on your website using their social network. After all, Facebook, Twitter & Google+ are just growing in size and social buttons to login are not going anywhere soon!

Next up, I’ll try and cover 6 additional benefits of offering social buttons to login.

6 AMAZING Advantages Of Social Buttons To Login

We’ve just talked about how Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are growing social profiles and they’re not going anywhere.

  • Twitter has more than 500 million users (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Facebook has 1.3 billion users. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Google+ has 540 million users. (Source: Wikipedia)

I also mentioned that a MAJOR friction point on a website is the registration and login process.

How many times have you been to website and you can’t remember your login details? It’s such a pain to do a password reset!

The Two Major Problems With Logging On

  1. People don’t want to fill out registration forms.
  2. If they’re forgotten their password they abandon the website.

I mentioned that this is such a big problem that 92% of people who’ve forgotten their password abandon a website rather than go through the process of recovering account information. (Source)

Fortunately, there is a solution and that is to use social buttons to login to make registering and logging in a 1-click process.

I briefly want to look at some of the additional advantages of social buttons to login.

Additional Advantages Of Social Buttons To Login Include:

  • Rapid user adoption: People won’t need to type a thing, it’s a fast 1-click process.
  • Photo integration: Social networks allow you to import the photograph of the user into your system immediately.
  • Email contact: Many social networks allow you to pull in contact details from the user (such as an email address), making it very easy to allow you to communicate with users.
  • Spam reduction: Because social networks authenticate individuals and generally don’t allow multiple accounts, the likelihood of false identities and spammers goes down.
  • More time on site: it’s faster to login so they can spend more time on your actual site rather than trying to remember or resetting their password.
  • Social sharing: Users are connected to their social network, which essentially means they will share anything that’s worth sharing, with their friends and followers on the network.

As a website owner, you know you are dealing with fickle and very impatient customers.

That’s just par for the course.

We’ve carefully analysed this area of a users website experience and found that integrating a social buttons to login feature has been fantastic for us.

social buttons

Since it’s so useful, we’ve made it available for our customers and as always have done our best to make it affordable.

Integrating a social login is highly tricky and takes some time since there are some hectic permission configurations, but we’ve done it enough times to make it a breeze.

We could almost do it blindfolded now!

Your Next Step

If you’d like this amazing feature, then view our,

Social Login App

Make it easy for you customers and solve this pain point.

This Social Buttons To Login Makes It Easy For Your Website Visitors

What this app does is allow your customers to login and register to your website with 1-click using their social profiles. This reduces the number of lost customers due to login/registration issues.

What’s Next?

You’ve reached the last article in the customer experience management series:

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