Lead Sniper

Lead Growth Hacking

Giving Super-Powers To Your Lead Generation

We’ll grow and manage your leads with advanced cold outreach.

Targeted Leads

Get real leads interested in your company, product or content.

Any Industry

Our team will manually research and prepare leads for you to contact

Get Leads

You just give us the specs and we’ll do the heavy lifting and manual work!

Boost Your Business

With lead sniper.

Our team will manually find you leads each month. You review them and if you want to reach out to them just select the ones you want and our powerful tool will warm them up for you! This growth hacking strategy will help you help you reach more prospects and start building a relationship with them.


On Request
  • Lead Sniper Outreach Tool
  • Target 1500 Leads Per Month Included (You need to load your own leads. This is for the tech to sending to the prospects.)
Optional Extras
  • Set Up Fee On Request


  • Extra Leads You can add as many extra leads as you want yourself while using our tool. Just add them to the relevant spreadsheet!

Using Cold Outreach To Get You Leads


We’ll manually find your perfect leads, you review them and then we contact them!


It’s manual! So any industry or type of lead works well!


You should focus on what’s important… closing leads. Let us do the manual job of finding them!

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Customers Reviews

Is Your Website an Asset to Your Business?

Your website is where prospects and customers learn more about your company and industry. It’s a great digital asset that’s available 24/7 and worth investing in to ensure that all the necessary tools and strategies are in place.

Last updated Oct 2021
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