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Get A Search Engine Friendly Site

Get data, tools and diagnostics for a healthy, search engine friendly site. Understand and improve your site in the search results.

Improve Your Rankings

SEO assist is a powerful tool that will help you improve your search engine rankings by ensuring you use the correct phrases, keywords and structures. There’s quite a few factors to consider when optimising a page for search engines, and this tool will help you get most of it correct to ensure that you get maximum benefit for your website from the search engines.

Better On-Site SEO

Website SEO has 2 aspects. On-page optimisation and off-page optmisation. On-page is ensuring that your website meets certain technical SEO guidelines so that search engines know what your website is about and you have the best possible chance to rank for specific search terms. This is exactly what this app does.

Get More Customers

Potential customers are using search to find what they want. Search engines choose which websites to show these potential customers. Our SEO assist app ensures that search engines know what your content is about so you have the best chance of your articles being shown to these potential customers.

Do You Need Some Search Engine Love?

This tool integrates with the search engines, and let’s them tell you if your site has any issues or things they don’t like that could seriously impact your rankings. It lets you see how the search engines see your site and offers amazing insights you’ll love.

SEO Assist

Helps search engines understand your website.
It will identify any weaknesses or issues the search engines have identified and let you know so you can fix them.


once off
On Request
  • Quick SEO Checks
  • Search Engine Sitemap
  • Neat Search Results*
  • Integrated With Google
  • Integrated With Yahoo/Bing
  • 404 Error Monitoring
  • Open Graph Integration
  • Easy To Use
Optional Extras
  • WooCommerce On Request
  • * Optimized Titles & Descriptions On Request

    (Vital if you want to control what shows in the SERPS. I.e. instead of Google randomly selecting a title & description, we'll carefully craft a catchy one that contains the core keyword and doesn't get cut-off. This increases click through rate to your site.)

  • Link Juice Saver On Request

    Saves link juice for better rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation For Your Website


Better SEO = better rankings = more traffic.


Traffic visiting your website will be looking for what you have to offer.


Through increased traffic to your website more users will be familiar with your brand.

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