Using a Promo Video As a Surefire Way To Boosting Conversion

How to Use a Promo Video as a Great Tool to Capturing and Holding People's Attention on a Website for a Conversion Boost.

Using a Promo Video As a Surefire Way To Boosting Conversion

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

    How to use a promo video as a great tool to capturing and holding people’s attention on a website for a conversion boost.

    This is part 4 of a 5-part series on increasing sales through your improving website through conversion rate optimization.

    A Surefire Way To Engage Your Audience With a Promo Video

    I’m not being rude to you. It’s just the odds are not in your favour, or mine.

    One of the great things about what I do is I get to go to various conferences and presentations. As a result, I’ve heard a large range of speakers’ presentations.

    I’ve listened to billionaires talk, industry leaders, and experts and a good number of them have almost put me to sleep (especially if it’s after lunch and the chairs are comfortable).

    Why Do People Put Me To Sleep?

    Often they are in a line-up of speakers who’ve been talking for hours, and by the time they start talking it’s all sounding like blah, blah, blah.

    Secondly, humans are visual. We like to SEE things and

    We want the things we see to capture our attention.

    We give it a few brief seconds to see if it’s worth engaging in, and if it doesn’t grab our attention we’re mentally gone.

    That’s why they say first impressions count.

    Let’s talk stats:

    How We Take In The World Around Us:

    • 82% through the eyes
    • 11% through the ears
    • 7% with other senses.

    (How much better is it to see those stats visually in an image than just as bullet points – more proof that we are visual!)

    So despite their great content, we’re only giving them 11% of our attention, because the other senses are not being stimulated enough!

    What People Remember

    Let’s look at some other great stats about what information people remember:

    • 10% Oral
    • 20% Visual
    • 80% Oral + Visual


    Can You See The Compounding Effect?

    So you might have the MOST INTERESTING AND KNOWLEDGEABLE SPEAKER, but unless they combine both the ORAL + VISUAL, at best you’re going to remember 10%!

    That’s why most speakers have put people to sleep at some point.

    If you want some more information on this check out this great site. (all stats courtesy are courtesy of the site)

    Why People Who Do Presentations Are Often Like Sleeping Pills

    Promo Video Fact Eyes

    Not all people who do presentations are like sleeping pills….but many are!

    Firstly, we take in 80% of the world through our eyes.

    Secondly, we remember 80% if it’s BOTH ORAL & VISUAL, but only 20% if it’s visual only.

    If you missed it, please visit this site to learn more.

    What Does This Mean?

    It means that you might have the smartest person presenting, but if they don’t bridge that divide between oral & visual, they’re like a sleeping pill to the audience.

    Remember that these smart presenters, are generally not designers and have mediocre computer skills (simple PowerPoint presentations!) at best so it looks pretty dull.

    What Needs To Be Done?

    All they need to do is combine their great wisdom and team up with a designer and put together a hot display presentation and everyone would listen to everything they say.


    Such an easy solution, yet I still see boring speaker after boring speaker.

    What I also don’t understand is that these speakers’ time is very valuable, and yet they waste their time faffing about preparing a PowerPoint presentation!

    The best speakers I remember all had great visual presentations AND were knowledgeable about their subject.

    Learn how to invest in digital marketing channels with this article! Don’t miss it!

    Don’t be boring, (for all our sakes!)


    Your Website Probably Only Grabs 20% Of People’s Attention

    We’ve been talking about capturing people’s attention and what this means for presentations that you do.

    Whether you’re presenting at a conference or a weekly staff meeting these principles apply.

    Let’s Apply These Principles To Your Website

    Let me start by asking you, how do you present the information on your website?

    Is it ONLY VISUAL?

    If so, you’ll only get 20% and that’s if you’re the best visual website the person has seen. More likely you’ll only get 10 to 15% attention.

    Do You See The Problem?

    We need to COMBINE VISUAL + ORAL on your website so that we can stand a chance at grabbing people’s attention.

    I hope you realise how important this is.

    Hopefully, you have a better understanding of why people only spend a few seconds on your website and then leave.

    You probably haven’t given them both the ORAL + VISUAL content they need to remain interested.

    How People Judge Your Website & How To Stand Out From The Crowd

    We’ve been focusing on what’s important to grab and keep people’s attention.

    Do you remember this image?

    Take In The World

    Do you remember this image?

    What Information Do People Remember

    That’s all fair and well, BUT how long do you have to make a first impression on your visitors?

    The research varies here, but most researchers agree that

    It’s anywhere from the blink of an eye, to 7s.

    That’s right, if you don’t GRAB their attention at the start to make a good first impression, you’ve missed the boat.

    Let’s Apply This To You

    People are browsing all the time. They then come across your website.

    In the first 7 seconds, how do you grab their attention?

    Is it only visual? If so, we’ve gone on and on about how you’re only likely to get a max of 20% of the attention pie.

    Does this sound familiar?

    I know none of this information is new to you. It’s old research and it’s well-known.

    Promo Video Your Website

    If not, why not?

    Don’t you think it’s time you did something about it?

    I just can’t help be amazed at how many people KNOW about this, and yet do nothing about it.

    I really hope you’re not one of them.

    How To Make a Fantastic Introduction

    I want to come back to this image as there’s so much truth in it.

    What Information Do People Remember

    What is the best way to supply content that is both ORAL + VISUAL?

    It’s obvious, isn’t it?


    By now you’ve seen the massive trend towards video, with the growth of giants like YouTube, Vimeo, Blip, and Wistia.

    They’re booming companies because they have bridged the divide between VISUAL + ORAL for the internet. People just LOVE it.

    I want you to apply the same thing to your website.

    WISTIA recently released some stats that show that

    The average viewer will watch 75% of a video if it’s between 30 and 60 seconds.



    What this means is that if you want to capture and HOLD people’s attention on a website YOU MUST HAVE video elements.

    How Do You Benefit?

    There are a few phases to integrating a promo video, but the first phase is creating a great first impression or a promo video intro.

    Your Next Step

    We’ve put together some creative genius’s who can assist with this (and made it affordable!). View our

    Video Intros App

    This app has TWO major uses:

    • As a FANTASTIC INTRODUCTION if you’re presenting or speaking at a meeting to grab people’s attention.
    • As a FANTASTIC INTRODUCTION to your website promo video.

    REMEMBER the goal of this app is to make a FANTASTIC PROMO VIDEO INTRODUCTION.

    What’s Next?

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