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WSSPCC is a comprehensive international planning offering for internationally mobile individuals and companies.

Moving babies

Moving Babies

Moving Babies is a website focused on assisting expecting and new parents by reviewing popular baby strollers, car seats and other baby gear. We love the fun, intuitive style of this site.


How Do You Say That Word?

How Do You Say That Word is a premier resource for people who love food, wine, travel, & the good things in life.

Christel read art screen

Christel Read Art

Christel Read Art is a website that designed for local artist, Christel Read.

Calm Focus

Calm Focus

Calm Focus represents a design pinnacle combining a practical approach to wellness information with a minimalist, uncluttered design.

Travel hacking

Travel Hacking

Finding the best flight deals for travel and sharing them with fellow travel-lovers.


Sukuma Afrika

This website was designed for Sukuma Afrika. They produce locally made, beautifully crafted leather products.

My best work boots

My Best Work Boots

My Best Work Boots is a premier review site with clear, in-depth reviews and intuitive navigation which makes this site an industry leader.

Lift Fund

Lift Fund

The LIFT FUND is an exciting NGO project aimed at promoting innovation for more efficient logistics.

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