3 Reasons Why a Professional Email Signature Is Vital

Take a look at the 3 top reasons for taking the time to create a professional email signature and communicating a professional brand image.

3 Reasons Why a Professional Email Signature Is Vital

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

    Take a look at the 3 reasons for taking the time to create a professional email signature and communicating a professional brand image.

    This is part 6 of an 8-part website development series on making sure your website has a strong foundation for success.

    This 1 Change Will Improve Your Emails

    Today I want to talk about 3 great reasons why an email signature is important as well as a simple change that will allow you to close more sales, grow your followers, and leave a lasting impression.

    Let me start by asking…

    How many emails did you send last week?

    Probably more than you realize. I’d guess it’s over 100. Which is about 20 per day and that’s being conservative!

    Let’s take it one step bigger. How many emails did all the staff at your company send this last week?

    Probably a few thousand if you’re a small company.

    Do you know you’re missing out on a number of opportunities with your emails?


    You may be surprised but one of the most important parts of your email is … your email signature.

    Email signatures are on every email that you send, it’s a FANTASTIC way to grow your business.

    Email signatures are attached to every email that your company sends and are a FANTASTIC opportunity to grow your business or your following and more importantly make you look professional.

    What Do Most Companies Do For a Professional Email Signature?

    If they have an email signature, it’s poor looking, looks like it was designed in the 80s, and vary from staff member to staff member in the company.

    Check our head-to-head comparison between email marketing and social media. Make sure you check the detailed infographic to find out which is better for you.

    That’s not a great impression you’re creating.

    This is a great article that is worth reading on some of the common pitfalls of email signatures and why you should have a professional email signature

    5 Common Mistakes That You’re Making With Your Email Signature

    Do Your Emails Look Like This?

    You need to ensure that your emails look great with a professional email signature.

    Do they look professional like this?

    Does your professional email signature have a call to action for a user to take?

    If not, you need to do something about it.


    Take 2 minutes and look at your email signature and decide if it’s up to scratch or not.

    If it’s not, have a look at our Email Signatures App, we’ll get you a professional email signature in a jiffy!

    A professional email signature will help you close more sales, grow your followers on social platforms, and leave a lasting impression with existing and potential clients.

    3 Great Reasons Why a Professional Email Signature Is So Important

    Why is a great email signature so important?

    • Goes on EVERY single email you send out
    • Tells your customers/clients/friends how to reach you
    • Is a great way to remind people to check out your new website, join your newsletter, and more

    Remember we said that every week your company is sending THOUSANDS of emails?

    Well, that means that THOUSANDS of PEOPLE are viewing your company emails so we should use this opportunity to your advantage.


    The obvious benefit is that your company will look professional and stand out from the crowd, but I want to rather focus on another aspect that’s less often used.

    I really enjoyed this article that looks at the science of creating the perfect email signature: The Art And Science of The Email Signature.

    A Strong Call To Action

    In your professional email signature, you can use a strong call to action to get people to sign up, find out about new products, get more information, and include a quick link to your website.


    Remember the sample signature I showed you?

    Did you notice the call to action at the bottom? The Follow on Twitter button?

    Since we’re an online business it’s important that we engage people on Twitter, but this call to action could be anything.

    Do You Know What You Want People To Do?

    This varies from company to company, but if you haven’t made it simple and clear on your email signature, you’re missing an opportunity.

    A great email signature is an easy win!

    If you want to take advantage of this great technique to professionalize and grow your business, take 30s and have a look at our Email Signatures App

    What’s Next?

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