Use Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing To Print Money

Pay Per Click (Ppc) Marketing is One of the Most Effective Techniques to Business Growth Online. Measure Everything So Only Spend Money When You're Earning.

Use Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing To Print Money

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

    Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is one of the most effective techniques for business growth. Measure everything so only spend money when you’re earning.

    This is part 5 of a 6-part series on increasing sales through boosting the leads your website generates.

    Printing Money With Your Website. The Easy Way With Pay Per Click.

    Hopefully, by this point, your website is razor-sharp and is converting nicely.

    What Should You Have Done By Now?

    By now you’ve optimized various aspects of your website and it’s ready for some paid traffic.

    There’s no point sending paid traffic to your website UNTIL you’ve implemented the various apps we’ve already covered.

    They focus on getting the maximum benefit out of each website visitor.

    When you’re paying for website visitors this is vital!


    Why Is This Important?

    If you’re going to send paid traffic to your website, you need to be sure that you have a positive ROI!

    I.e. you earn more per visitor than it costs you to send them there.

    Once you have a POSITIVE ROI, sending paid traffic is like printing money.

    How Do You Print Money With Pay Per Click?

    The great thing about online marketing is that everything is measurable. (We’re able to remove much of the guesswork of traditional advertising.)

    Again, this is another reason why we’re very comfortable with a pay-as-you-go model since we feel that you should be able to MEASURE the benefit that our services add.

    Let’s get back to paid traffic.

    Imagine each website visitor cost £1 to send to your website and you knew that on average, each visitor will earn you £50.


    How much would you be willing to spend to send a visitor to your website?

    Even if it cost £40 to get them there, you’d still earn £50 so it’s worth your while!

    Do you know what makes paid traffic so powerful?

    We are able to target the exact people we want the advert to show to.

    What Could I Do With Pay Per Click?

    If I wanted, I could show an advert ONLY to people who live within 3 miles from a particular town who have typed in the phrase “I want to buy this widget”.

    Really? Yes. It’s that powerful.

    If I lived in that town and sold widgets, I could literally ONLY show my advert to people within 3 miles searching for widgets AND on top of that, I’d ONLY pay when they clicked on my advert!

    I could also ONLY show my advert to people who viewed my pricing page.

    I could show them an advert that says ‘Not Sure About Our Packages?

    Chat With Us For More Info’ and then send them to a contact page! Imagine how powerful this could be!

    Let’s explore a few of the concepts around pay-per-click.

    2 Reasons Why This Marketing Technique (Pay Per Click) Is So INCREDIBLY Effective

    What’s One Of The Most Profitable Marketing Channels?

    Paid traffic is one of the most profitable advertising and marketing channels.

    This view is shared by most online marketers, who rank PPC and email marketing (lead nurturing) as the two channels with the highest ROI.

    That says something!

    Lead nurturing works best but you need to create a subscriber list. This list can take time to build but is the most effective marketing strategy.

    This is why we recommend FIRST integrating our ‘Lead Generation’ app so you can start building the list, then SECONDLY, integrating ‘Lead Nurturing’ and once these are in place, it’s time to now focus on getting traffic to your website.


    How Do You Build Your Customer Base?

    One of the best ways to build your list is to use PPC (Pay Per Click/Paid Traffic).

    From now on I’m going to refer to ‘Paid Traffic’ as ‘PPC’ since you are literally paying for clicks so that customers visit your website.

    What Is PPC (Pay Per Click)?

    It is where you pay to show an advert of your website to online browsers. See the example.


    Why Is It So Effective?

    Firstly, be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching for the things you offer.

    Secondly, you only pay when they click to visit your website or call.

    So you’re only paying when they perform an action. No action, no cost!

    You are showing ads to people who are looking for exactly what you offer and you ONLY PAY when they visit your site!

    What Can You Do?


    How smart is that!

    Where Can I Use PPC (Pay Per Click)?

    There are many online platforms that allow advertising, but the major ones, are Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN & Bing.

    We always recommend starting out with Google or Facebook and progressing from there.

    Should I Focus On Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Or PPC (Pay Per Click)?

    SEO has long-term benefits and is a great investment in your site’s future value, but the big bottom-line results take months or years. PPC (Pay Per Click) gets immediate traffic and can help generate significant sales within weeks.

    This is why you will notice that we recommend PPC ahead of SEO in our online marketing blueprint. Hopefully, it now makes sense!

    If you want to massively impact your click-through rate, your site should look amazing in the search results! Learn how to do that here!

    Finally, remember that with PPC you can start with any budget. Remember I said that it’s all measurable?

    This means you can quickly see if it’s generating a positive ROI for you and you can increase your budget accordingly.

    After all, who doesn’t want to print money with their website?

    Will It Work For Your Business?

    Remember that PPC will work for ANY business.

    This Will Change The Way You Think About Marketing

    I’m pretty sure what I’m about to share will amaze you.

    Will This Amaze You?

    In fact, I’m certain. I just ask that you think of its implications.

    There are billions of websites in the world. It’s very difficult to get noticed and remembered.

    What Will 70% Of Your Visitors Do?

    Remember that we said that 70% of website visitors WILL NEVER return to your website?


    We addressed a part of this using our ‘Lead Generation’ and ‘Lead Nurturing’ app, but here is where it all comes together nicely.

    We’ve found that brand familiarity is EXTREMELY powerful.

    So what we’re able to do is track which user has visited your website, and using PPC, we’re able to target that EXACT VISITOR all over the web with adverts.

    What Does This Mean?

    Today they browse your website. Maybe only for a second or so before they leave. They visit many sites each day and don’t remember yours.

    We then activate a targeted PPC campaign. What now happens is that when THAT VISITOR goes around the web, for the next 2 months they will see your adverts everywhere!

    They browse, they’ll see your advertising there. They go to, they see you advertising there.

    They view their favorite hobby website and they see you’re advertising even there!

    In fact, wherever they go on the web, they see your adverts.

    Imagine What This Does To Your Brand?

    From never having heard about you before, they now see you everywhere and become familiar with your brand.

    You know they were interested in what you had to offer (since they visited your site), but maybe they weren’t ready at the time to enquire, and they didn’t trust your site because they’d never heard of you.

    Now after 2 months they’ve seen you everywhere, and in all likelihood, they’ll click on the targetted advert and enquire with you. (Since by now you’re a very familiar brand to them!)



    I often get asked if it’s extremely costly since it’s so powerful. It really depends on your niche.

    Remember I said everything is measurable? So this means we can set the exact limit on how much we’d want to spend to show those adverts.

    So sometimes it can be expensive, but sometimes it’s really affordable. Don’t worry about this, since all you should worry about is if there is a positive ROI.

    Isn’t this the MOST powerful advertising technique you’ve heard of in a long time?

    Here’s another use of this feature. Remember that selling to existing customers is MUCH easier than acquiring new customers?

    Using this technology we could show adverts of your new products to your EXISTING CUSTOMERS! They’d be browsing the web and they’d see your new product offering wherever they go.

    They’d become more familiar with your brand and it’s an easy way to up-sell and cross-sell to them!

    To see how it can be effectively used in a holistic marketing approach have a look at how we use this app in our ‘Success Roadmap’.

    3 Business Boosts For a Compounded Sales Explosion

    This Razor Sharp Marketing Approach Is All The Rage At The Moment

    I recently shared a story about how using some advanced technology we’re able to target people who’ve visited your website ALL OVER THE WEB.

    We’ve Seen Fantastic Success For Our Customers

    It’s what we call targeted marketing, where you only pay to show adverts to EXACTLY the people you want to see the advert.

    It’s so efficient it’s crazy.

    We can even show adverts to people all over the web-based on various ACTIONS they took on YOUR WEBSITE.

    A Small Example

    For instance, a bike retailer could reach people who started designing bikes on its website but didn’t make a purchase. They can then encourage them to finish customizing online.

    Or let’s say you are a travel company. You can deliver ads to people who have downloaded your app but haven’t used it in a while and encourage them to book getaways.

    Who Can You Target?

    You really can target whoever you want. It’s that powerful.

    You can also set limits on your spending. So if you know that a customer is worth £50, you know that as long as you spend less than £50 acquiring that customer, you’re making a profit.

    You can automate it so it ONLY shows adverts if it costs less than £50. I.e. you’re making a positive ROI.


    Why Is This Not More Popular?

    What I don’t understand is why more companies don’t use this MASSIVELY effective marketing tool.

    I think that the problem, is that it’s very cutting edge and advanced.

    They are missing out on new customers every day!

    How many potential customers have you missed out on by not using this feature?

    3 SIMPLE Choices To Printing Money The Easy Way

    We really believe that a well run a pay per click marketing campaign is a staple for any business with a website.

    What You Can Do With a Pay Per Click Campaign

    Firstly, be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching for the things you offer.

    Secondly, you only pay when they click to visit your website or call.

    Thirdly, set a limit on what you’re willing to spend per click.

    Everything Is Measurable

    We also mentioned that everything is measurable, so as long as you’re generating a POSITIVE ROI with pay-per-click marketing, it’s like printing money.

    There’s no risk!

    I then showed you that we can deliver the most incredibly targeted adverts.

    70% of website visitors never return.

    Using targeted adverts, we can show adverts to people who have previously visited your website.

    Why Target These People?

    These people will now suddenly see you advertising ALL OVER THE web and it creates a brand familiarity. (When they’re reading the morning news they even see you advertising!)

    We can also target based on location. i.e. if a person within 3 miles of your town is searching for “buy widget”, we can show a CUSTOM advert ONLY to them and you only pay to show the advert to them.


    You really need to take advantage of this opportunity now.

    Your Next Step

    Go on, view our

    Adwords (PPC) Paid Marketing App

    3 Components It’s Critical You Understand About Pay-Per-Click Marketing

    The Three Components Of Pay Per Click Marketing

    1. Keywords – the number of keywords that we target for you. For example, if you’re a hotel in Berlin, you might want to target ‘hotel Germany’ but it would be much better to target ‘business hotel Berlin’ ‘hotel Berlin’ ‘hotel Potzdamer Platz’, ‘hotel Spandau Berlin’, ‘Berlin business accommodation’ ‘accommodation Potzdamer Platz, Berlin’. The more targeted the keywords the better the conversions and the lower the cost for you.
    2. Platforms – Google is a platform, Facebook is another platform, LinkedIn is another, Bing is yet another.
    3. Ad Designs – what type of adverts will your visitors see?

    Each package includes different combinations of the above.

    As you can imagine it takes a lot of work to set up a successful campaign for each platform (e.g. for Google OR Facebook, etc) and as a result, we have a once-off setup fee for this.

    Depending on your needs you may require some extra options, and you can select these as needed.

    The Monthly Performance Fee

    Managing a pay-per-click marketing campaign is a MASSIVE amount of work and requires some extremely technical knowledge.

    I can’t stress enough the importance of using someone who knows what they are doing.

    Otherwise, you are literally pouring money down a toilet. In my example about a hotel in Berlin, if they spent money on showing an advert for ‘Hotel Germany’ they would be wasting their money and paying more for each advert because of the low conversions.

    I won’t go into details now, but suffice it to say that it is extremely technical and although it might cost a bit more for someone who knows what they are doing, you will save that fee 10X over.

    Do not think that anyone can do this well.

    We charge a fee based on the ad spend per month. This ensures our interests are aligned and the more you spend the lower the fee.

    If you haven’t done so, start out small and take it from there. Once you’ve seen the benefits you can increase your spend as this really is the most fantastic way to generate new business.

    This is another of those critical apps in your online success and if you have any questions at all, please get in touch so we can discuss it in more detail. I just don’t want you to miss out on this.

    What’s Next?

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