Tweaking Your Website Design For Online Growth

Use These 5 Easy Web Design Growth Hacks to Get Ahead of Your Competitors WITHOUT a Website Redesign.

WEB DESIGN HACKS 5 Easy Web Design Growth Tips

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

    5 Easy Web Design Growth Tweaks to Get Ahead of Your Competitors

    When it comes to expanding your business in Serbia online, generating and converting leads should be your top priority if you want to drive growth and increase revenue.

    I’m going to share 5 simple, easy-to-implement growth hacks for your website that focus on generating and converting leads.

    They’re so powerful, that together, you can easily grow your visitors and conversion rate by over 500%.

    We’ve conducted hundreds of website audits (get your audit here) for clients and prospective clients, and from all that data we’ve distilled 5 things you can do on your website to boost 1) traffic to your website and 2) your site’s conversion rate.

    These 5 factors fall under ‘On-Site SEO & Conversion Optimisation’ and are ESSENTIAL if you are wanting to grow your business online.

    Here’s How You Get More Business From Your Existing Site

    • Optimize your website for mobile
    • Optimize your SEO titles and meta descriptions
    • Optimize your keywords
    • Optimize the ‘call to action’ on each page
    • Choose a great theme

    1. Make Sure That Your Site is Mobile-Optimized

    Has it ever happened to you that you need the answer to something quickly, so you pick up your phone and do a quick search.

    You’re not alone! According to stats released by google, more people are using mobile devices than desktops for browsing.

    This means that when people search for your business, over 50% of people will be looking at your website on their phones (or tablets).

    Considering that 91% of small and medium-size businesses are sites not mobile-friendly, this is a quick way to get ahead of your competitors.

    If your website doesn’t load quickly on mobile, you are losing business.

    Google illustrates this point clearly – people are five times more likely to leave a site if it isn’t mobile-friendly and over 50% of mobile users will leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load.

    If your website isn’t mobile optimized visitors won’t stay on your site & won’t become customers.

    Case Study: Read It Here

    How Do You Check If You Pass This Test?

    Load your website on your mobile – see what it looks like.

    Navigate your site like a user would. Here are three quick questions to ask yourself:

    • Does it load quickly?
    • Does the site look good on mobile?
    • Would you make a purchase decision if you came across this site?

    Remember that you’re only testing on 1 device and each device has different dimensions.

    After you’re happy it’s great on your own phone then test it using this Google service and then test it here.


    2. Check That Your SEO Titles and Descriptions are Updated and Look Great

    This could triple your click through rate!

    Take the example of a yoga studio in Baltimore city. A person who has recently moved to the city and is looking to find a yoga studio will type “yoga studio Baltimore city” (or a variation) and will browse through the results.

    That yoga studio (let’s call them YogaLife) has a couple of seconds to make an impression and get the person to click on their listing rather than a competitor’s listing.

    Best practice for SEO meta titles & descriptions: include brand, description & a call to action.

    In the example, these are the results that come up for ‘yoga studio Baltimore city‘:


    None of these have a great title and description, they do not include:

    • details about the classes
    • where the studio is
    • for whom the classes are suited
    • a reason to choose them rather than a competitor

    Consider instead how much better the click-through rate would be with a title and description like this:

    Title: YogaLife Studio in Baltimore City・Free Trial Class!

    Description: YogaLife is a yoga studio in the heart of Baltimore City. We offer Ashtanga, Bikram and Vinyasa yoga classes for beginners through to advanced. Book your free trial class online now!

    We have now included:

    • Brand Name: YogaLife
    • Description: The studio is in Baltimore, offers different types of yoga classes, and caters to different abilities
    • Call to Action: You can book a free trial class immediately

    Case Study: Read It Here

    How Do You Check If You Pass This Test?

    Type ‘’ into google and have a look at the results.

    Check that they:

    • Are easy to read
    • Include your brand name, a description of what you offer, and a call to action

    3. Confirm That Your Website Keywords Match What Customers Are Searching For

    Let’s continue with the yoga example. When you scroll through the list of results for ‘yoga studio Baltimore city’ you might select YogaWorks in Federal Hill because they’re a yoga studio based in Baltimore.


    When you click through to the site, it is not immediately clear that they are a yoga studio.


    To improve the page they should include the word ‘yoga studio’ in their headings so that their website keywords match the google search.

    They have communicated their location and what they offer very well using an easy-to-navigate menu so you can check the class schedule and prices.

    How Do You Check If You Pass This Test?

    • Search for your site on google using a product or service that you offer (for example ‘Lab41 website design’)
    • Click through to your site
    • Check that the words ‘website design’ has been used in the headings
    • Check that the page is actually about ‘website design’

    Case Study: Read Here


    4. Have a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA) on Each Page, Post and Email

    Ask yourself, ‘What is the one action that I want website visitors to take when they hit my website?’

    Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter? Or request a quote? Or download a guide?

    Getting visitors to your website is only half the battle. Once they hit your site you want them to take action, start a conversation, and down the line, become a client.

    Having a clear call to action is one of the quickest ways to increase your conversion rate.

    You need to make it easy for website visitors to take the next step by removing potential barriers and showing them exactly where to click.

    Depending on your CTA, you could see an increase in conversions of 400% and more.

    At Lab41 we have over 80 services but our CTA is always the same: ask visitors to book a trial. This is our CTA.

    Your CTA may differ from page to page, but it should be very clear what you want your visitor to do.

    Typically, CTA’s are used:

    • On your website to convert visitors to leads by filling in a form (eg for a free trial, free download)
    • On your blog to recommend the next steps, other related content, or relevant offers
    • In your emails focus on one key point and use a CTA button so that the reader can easily take action

    Need some help crafting your call-to-action so that it converts? The guys over at Unbounce have written this great article to get you started.

    Case Study: Read it Here

    How do you check?

    • Open a page on your website – is it immediately clear what action you are driving users to take on the page?
    • Open a blog post on your website – is it immediately clear what action you are driving users to take on the post?
    • Have you tested different CTA’s to see which converts better?

    5. Use a First Class Theme

    Firstly, Why WordPress?

    A whopping 27% of the internet is run on WordPress. It’s used by over 75 million websites and offers affordable customization through thousands of plugins and templates.

    Then, Why is the Theme Important?

    Having the right theme is crucial to attracting customers and staying in Google’s good books. A premium theme should offer quality, functionality, security, regular updates, and top-notch support.

    A theme that is lightweight and loads quickly can increase your conversion rate by over 12%.

    mobile responsive theme will have a huge impact on conversions both through higher conversions on mobile and tablet devices and through improved rankings as Google favours mobile-friendly websites.

    Here are our top 7 tips for choosing your next theme:

    • *VITAL* Invest in a premium (paid-for) theme – you need to know that they will still be developing the theme in 2 years’ time because it is profitable for them to do so
    • Make sure the theme is well-established (check the user reviews)
    • Send support an email – see how long they take to respond
    • Have a look at their previews to check that the theme offers flexible design options
    • Check the update log to see how frequently the theme is updated
    • Browse the user reviews – see what they have to say about the speed of the theme
    • Confirm that the theme is mobile responsive and SEO-optimized

    Case Study: Read it Here

    How do you check?

    • Have a look at the user reviews
    • On Theme Forest, check for the most popular themes (how many downloads have they had)
    • Email support before buying to check their responsiveness

    In Summary

    These 5 on-site SEO issues come up over and over again and have a massive impact on your rankings (how Google views your website) and how much engagement your get (from users interacting with you on your website).

    For a boost of over 500% in organic traffic and customer conversion, you need to have a mobile friendly website with optimized keywords and meta titles.

    You will then need to focus on clear call-to-actions and choosing a great WordPress theme.

    On-site SEO is one of the most underrated techniques for getting more business from your website. Tackling these 5 areas can quickly improve your site’s ability to generate and convert leads.

    By focusing on these areas you could increase the volume of traffic to your site, as well as increasing your site’s conversion rate by over 100%.

    At Lab41, we offer a customized, in-depth SEO audit that will help you quickly identify areas of your site that need improvement to make your site more Google- and user-friendly.

    Alex advises business, individuals, and organizations on how to use the internet to grow. He loves ideas and concepts and uses tech to make them a reality. Online marketing is his passion and loves to share the various tricks, and tools he discovers.
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