This Live Chat Tool Can Increase Conversions By 400%

We Take a Look at Live Chat Software That Has Been Known to Increase Conversions by 400%. It's Time You Took Advantage of This Powerful Tool.

Increase Conversions By 400% With This Live Chat Tool

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

    We take a look at live chat software that has been known to increase conversions by 400%. It’s time you took advantage of this powerful tool.

    This is part 2 of a 5-part series on increasing sales through your improving website through conversion rate optimization.

    What’s The Biggest Problem Facing Your Business?

    Chances are you could fix it today by simply asking your customers! You could probably do that today for under £20!

    Do you remember your first business?

    Mine was in junior school selling sweets to other students.

    One day one of the students asked: ‘Got any chocolates?’ I didn’t but immediately bought some the next time I was in the store.

    Within one week, Bar One became my new best seller. I would’ve never tried that had my customer not suggested it.

    Have you ever wondered how all those successful people are so productive? Well, we have an article for you covering 10 Habits to increase productivity. Don’t miss it!

    Online businesses have a ton of advantages, but the biggest disadvantage is it’s so hard to chat with your customers.

    Until now!

    Live chat software makes it super simple to chat with every customer.

    that visits your website.

    You’ll quickly discover areas you can improve or products that most of your customers are looking for!

    Let’s take a look at how this is handled in the offline space by multi-billion dollar companies.

    How Was Your Most Recent Shopping Experience?

    When was the last time you went into a big shop? Do you remember the experience?

    • When you went into the store, was somebody there to assist you?
    • When someone walks into your office does someone assist them?

    OR when someone walks into your office, do you have a poster on the wall that tells them what to do next and if they get stuck they can email or phone you?


    You have a well presented and professional person who is there to greet them, direct them, assist them and ask if they can help in any way.

    For this luxury, you pay them a salary, but the benefits FAR outweigh the costs so you’re happy to pay their salary.

    Do You Have This On Your Website?


    What would the benefit be of having someone right there and then able to answer any of your customer’s questions, direct them to the correct page or assist them when needed?


    I’ll tell you HOW in a little moment.

    I want you to start thinking about this, why you haven’t done it already and what’s the best way to solve this problem online.

    Why Don’t You Have This On Your Website?

    I’ve just mentioned about why you probably have assistants at your office to help people, yet you probably don’t have one for your website.

    I bet you that in many instances MORE PEOPLE visit your website than your physical location and yet you don’t have someone online who is assisting them!


    Why Your Customers Can’t Be Bothered

    With your current website, let’s say a customer has a question.

    What They Need To Do To Solve This Question

    1. Search for a contact number.
    2. Check the timezone matches.
    3. Pick up the phone and dial.
    4. Get to an operator.
    5. Wait while they put you through.
    6. Hopefully, the other person is available or they wait in a phone queue.

    Alternatively, they can email:

    1. Find the correct email address.
    2. Open up the email client.
    3. Type up the email.
    4. Hope to get a response.
    5. Receive response.
    6. Respond to the response with additional questions.
    7. Get a second response.


    You can see why people don’t bother.

    Introducing a Smart Feature

    I want to introduce LIVE CHAT SOFTWARE to you today.

    What is it?

    It’s a FAST WAY for you to reach and assist your online customers. It’s often a little chat window in the bottom right where an operator is ready to assist you online.

    Have you seen it before?

    With live chat, they just click a button THERE AND THEN and get their question/concern resolved.

    Don’t believe me?

    Here are the live chat software stats:

    People who use live chat software are 4X MORE LIKELY to CONVERT than a regular normal visitors.

    Average order values are typically 25% HIGHER.


    At the risk of sounding like a stuck record…


    How To Get 4X More Customers With One Change

    Live chat software is a must have feature on your website.

    Just in case you missed the stats:

    (not sure how, but just in case! AKA they are important!)

    • People who use live chat are 4X MORE LIKELY to CONVERT than a regular normal visitor.
    • Average order values are typically 25% HIGHER.

    Those are pretty serious numbers.

    It would be crazy to miss out on this opportunity.

    Another Critical Aspect Of Live Chat Software

    I want to focus on another lesser known aspect of live chat.

    Conversion Rate Optimization.

    You can track which page a user is on, and when it comes down to making the big decision, you can have a chat operator popup and ask them if there is anything they can assist with or if they have any questions.

    At this point, the customer has some unspoken concerns like,

    • ‘Are there real people behind this company?’ or
    • ‘Do they have a refund policy if I’ve made a mistake?’ or
    • ‘What is their support like?’ or
    • ‘Does the product/service include a certain feature?’

    Having a live chat at this point can overcome ALL these concerns and get them to take the desired action there and then.

    This is a MASSIVE way to boost conversion with one small change!

    Best of all we’ve automated it.

    Let’s Look At An Example?

    Let’s say a visitor reaches your product page. We can build in some logic to the live chat software.

    • Check that they’ve at least spent 60s on your site (they’ve been looking in depth at what you offer).
    • They are on your product page (they’re more likely to buy).
    • After 20s we can automate the chat software to popup and ask “I see you’ve been looking at our products. Do you have any questions about them you’d like me to help with?” (Offer specific assistance)
    • THEN if the customer responds, you get an immediate alert that you need to respond.

    This means that you don’t need to be sitting waiting for them. Only when they’ve been qualified will you get alerted that a customer needs support!

    Smart isn’t it? That’s the great thing about it! I just love this concept.

    A Massive Leak On Your Website (You’re Losing Customers)

    Have you ever done this on a website?

    You’re looking for a solution to a need that you have. You’ve browsed the web and found a site that looks like it offers what you need.

    You’ve read up, and think “this looks like it’s for me.” You then head over to their pricing page and want to buy.

    You read about their products/services but now you have some questions.

    Some Questions You May Have

    • What’s the difference between the options?
    • What is their support like?
    • Are they a real company?
    • My need is this, which is the right option for me?
    • If I make a mistake do they have a refund policy?
    • Does this product have a specific feature I need?

    IF ANY OF THESE CROSS YOUR MIND, you’re going to pause and probably not complete the purchase/action.

    If you behave like this you can be sure your site visitors behave like this!

    Let’s come back to your website.

    I want you to answer this for me.



    I’d hazard a guess that it’s many.

    Don’t you think it’s time you stopped this MASSIVE leak on your website?

    I just want you to know that there are customers waiting on your site, right now who need guidance.

    Just in case you missed the stats (for the 3rd time!):

    • People who use live chat are 4X MORE LIKELY to CONVERT than a regular normal visitor.
    • Average order values are typically 25% HIGHER.

    We mentioned how most shops and offices are NOT self service expecting a customer to read a poster and know what to do when they walk in. Your website should be no different.

    The Difference Between Online & Offline Visitors

    None. They both need assistance at key friction points.

    So please stop expecting your website visitors to be any different. They also need assistance.

    Live chat is a faster and far more personal way for you to engage with your customers.

    We then asked how many customers have you lost by NOT assisting them with their concerns or questions at the critical juncture of making a decision.

    A Websites’ One Purpose

    Do you remember that we said that

    The ONE PURPOSE of a website is to increase sales?

    This is another way to reach that ONE PURPOSE. Remember the lifetime value of a customer? Well if you can get a few more customers per month from your website it’s totally worth it.

    Some customers have generated between £1000 to £5000 more in sales per month from offering live chat software.

    This is pretty tricky software and when we first launched it, we were going to charge for it since it adds a MASSIVE BENEFIT.

    We might increase the price in the future, but for now, we want it to be accessible to all so you can succeed online.

    Live Chat Software Increase Sales

    Every Website Should Have This

    If you haven’t assisted your site visitors during key friction points on your website you need to start doing it now. There are quite a few live chat software options available and most are pretty expensive.

    If you’d like us to help you with this, please check out our

    Live Chat App

    This allows you to chat with your visitors at key moments and assist them in their decision. It leads to massive conversion increases as it shows customers that you have great support.

    It’s like having a receptionist or an assistant in a shop. It makes the interaction with your company more professional.

    We recommend that you have live chat enabled on your website regardless of your niche. This tool helps ALL websites convert better.

    What’s Next?

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