Lead Nurturing Can Generate a 4400% ROI. Find Out More

Lead Nurturing is One of the Most Powerful Online Tools Available. it Takes Hard Work and a Careful Strategy But It's Incredibly Effective. Use it Now.

Find Out More About How Lead Nurturing Can Generate a 4400% ROI.

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

    Lead nurturing is one of the most powerful online tools available. It takes hard work and a careful strategy but it’s incredibly effective. Use it now.

    This is part 3 of a 6-part series on increasing sales through boosting the leads your website generates.

    The ONE Aspect Of Online Marketing That Covers It All

    We’ve covered some CRITICAL components to succeed online. Today I want to cover the one aspect that helps bring it all together.

    What’s Like An Orchestral Symphony?

    I’d like you to think of online marketing like a symphony.

    It’s made up of many parts and each plays an important role and when they are all combined it works together marvelously. There is a synergy and compounded effect.

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    I now want to cover a component that is vital to your success.

    Think of it like the conductor of the orchestra. You might have all the instruments but without the conductor to bring it all together, it’s discordant.

    You might wonder why it’s the conductor but if you look at the stats, you’ll see why.

    Why Is It The Conductor?

    What Covers It All?

    So this particular aspect covers 100% of your online visitors.

    Let me introduce to you ‘Lead Nurturing’ and what it’s all about online.

    We’re going to be using emails to ‘Nurture Leads’ and with these two stats, you can see why.

    91% of consumers use email at least once a day.

    (Source: ExactTarget)

    95% of online consumers use email.

    Consumers spend 138% more than people who don’t receive email offers.

    (Source: Convince & Convert)

    Email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook & Twitter.

    For every £1 spent on email marketing, the average return is £44.25.

    I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s vital.

    You should be doing lead nurturing through a smart carefully crafted, email campaign.

    What is ‘Lead Nurturing’

    Since most people don’t want to take an action immediately, but would rather procrastinate, we need to develop a system to ‘nurture’ these leads until they take the desired action.

    It’s not complicated but does require some strategic and creative thinking.

    Remember how we said that MOST people do not buy/take an action on your website on their first visit?

    What Do Many People Do?

    44% of email recipients – made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.

    (Source: Convince & Convert)

    I just can’t say it better than that, except that’s an average.

    That can be improved!

    Still Not Convinced?

    70% of consumers – say they made use of a coupon or discount from a marketing email in the prior week.

    (Source: BlueKangaroo)

    82% of consumers – open emails from companies.

    (Source: Litmus)

    See what I mean?

    I hope you can now see why ‘Lead Nurturing’ is the conductor in the online marketing story!

    The Most Powerful Marketing Tool You’ll Ever Use

    The great thing about ‘Lead Nurturing’ is that it can be used to get people to complete almost any action.

    How To Get People To Do What You Want

    I’d like you to think about each group of people you interact with as a company.

    Do You Have These?

    • Customers
    • Suppliers
    • Partners
    • Staff
    • Potential Customers

    For EACH group, I’d like you to think of WHAT ACTION you’d like them to complete?

    Let’s start with ‘Potential Customers’, as this would be your first use of it.

    You would want them to become a customer right?

    How Do You Do This?

    You build trust. Over a period you’d offer them some valuable content and information that they’d find useful & beneficial.

    They’ll see you as an expert and as a result, they’ll trust you more.

    Remember how we’ve said that it takes on average between 5 and 12 contacts with a new customer before they make a purchase?

    Using ‘Lead Nurturing’ you can easily reach this number of interactions to help them transition into being your customer.

    You’d keep in contact and when they’re ready to make the purchase decision, your company would be right in their thoughts as you’ve kept contact.

    Looking At The Customers

    Let’s look at the ‘Customer Group’ next.

    While they might already be customers, it’s much easier to cross-sell and up-sell to existing customers than acquire new customers.

    So your goal here would be to up-sell & cross-sell to them.

    You might craft a careful sequence of emails that showcase various product features that they could benefit from and maybe even include some other products that would work well together.

    How To Cross Sell & Upsell?

    Maybe have a short series educating them about your product/service.

    How you only use the BEST QUALITY products, how you’re eco-friendly, how you have a guarantee, and how you have world-class support.

    If you don’t tell them, how will they know?

    Have you ever noticed how food companies often share great recipes? Why? They then go out and buy the ingredients which are made by that company.

    They’ve very effectively cross-sold without people realising!

    It’s smart!

    What About Staff?

    Maybe you want to educate them about some aspect of your service/product?


    You’d create a series of emails explaining how it works with a quiz at the end, and as a result, all your staff will be more knowledgeable.

    Or, maybe you’d do a series on how to improve customer service? Or anything else you want them to improve in.

    Are You Company A Or Company B?

    See Which Will Fail.

    By now I hope you’re starting to see the power of lead nurturing.

    The best way to sum it up is using an example.

    Two companies sell a £1 000 product/service.

    Let’s Talk About Company A:

    They have a kickass website. The best design. It clearly lists what’s included in the product/service.

    They spend a fortune on marketing and drive huge traffic there.

    Their product/service is amazing, they say they offer world-class support.

    How many people will:

    • Buy the product/service there and then?
    • Find the contact form and ask for more information

    I just don’t see too many people forking out £1 000 there and then. a few might enquire, but 70% will leave and never return (that’s what the stats say!).

    Let’s Look At Company B:

    They also have a kickass website. The best design. They do everything that company a does but they do 1 thing differently.

    They offer FREE ADVICE/TIPS or something that the customer will be interested in for FREE, in return for a name & email.

    Many of the website visitors signup since it’s FREE. Most go on their very merry way (like they normally do) and some actually enquire using the contact form.

    Now over the next 6 months Company B sends them some great information, articles, and news about the industry, and stays in touch.

    They send this to BOTH those that enquired and those that grabbed the “FREE GUIDE” – since both are potential customers.

    Yes, it’s all automatic but the customer doesn’t know this.

    The customer gets great value out of these emails and keeps reading them.

    In 6 months the customer decides they want to buy the product/service.

    Who Will Get The Customer?

    Do you think COMPANY a or COMPANY B will get the customer?

    I know who I’d pick.

    Who Are You?

    Are YOU Company a or are you Company B?

    It’s so powerful that an industry average stat shows you…

    How To Achieve a 4400% Return On Investment

    How would you like a 4400% return on your investment?

    And I’m not talking about a get rich quick scheme.

    Are You Familiar With This?

    By now you should be familiar with this stat:

    For every £1 spent on email marketing, the average return is £44.25.

    The numbers are massive. That’s a 4400% ROI! If you don’t believe me, go on and Google it.

    What We’ve Found

    Is that email marketing is expensive. Very expensive.

    It’s also EXTREMELY tricky as well as technical. I can only assume this is why very few people use it. It has a high barrier to entry.

    By now you know that we are passionate in helping our customers succeed online and where possible have made it affordable for our average user.

    Your Next Step

    We have carefully integrated tools that make these online marketing strategies accessible for ALL.

    If you want to benefit from ‘Lead Nurturing’ head on over to our

    Lead Nurturing App

    I do want to say that if you really want EXCEPTIONAL results you should integrate the ‘Lead Nurturing’ app with our ‘>>Lead MAX‘ app.

    The ‘>>Lead Max‘ app grabs the leads, while the ‘Lead Nurturing’ app builds trust and helps convert these unqualified leads into ready customers. These are two of my favourite apps.

    If you don’t understand the power of these apps or have doubts if they apply to your website/industry, please chat with us. I’ve yet to find a situation where they aren’t beneficial.

    This is a CRITICAL MODULE to your online success and it doesn’t matter WHAT niche you are in, the principles and benefits still apply.

    Let me start by saying that this app can be as complex or as simple as you want, but you should be using it one form or another!

    I also want to let you know that we’ve kept the price for this app low so that everyone can benefit from it as it really does boost your online business.

    If you even want a social boost from your ‘Lead Nurturing’, make sure to select the addon ‘Option 3‘ to give you 1-click social sharing like the tweet box above!

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