3 Major Benefits For Offering Great Support With Help Desk Software

Give Your Visitors a Dedicated Customer Help Desk with Our Help Desk Software to Improve Trust, Improve Customer Loyalty, & Improve Sales.

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Give your visitors a dedicated customer help desk with our help desk software to improve trust, improve customer loyalty, & improve sales.

This is part 2 of a 6-part series on increasing sales through improving the customer experience with your website.

Why Your Customers Are Wary Of These 3 Common Communication Channels

What Do All Customers Like?

Great customer service.

A big aspect of this is the support that they receive if they have any difficulties.

They want to know that they can contact your company and get something quickly and promptly resolved.

It ALWAYS helps to have them know that you have a dedicated support team who are willing and waiting to assist them.

This creates trust.

Compare This To Most Companies

If you have a problem you have to either:

  • phone them, or
  • fill out their generic contact form, or
  • send them an email.

When there is such an opportunity!

Why Customers Are Wary Of These Communication Channels

Let’s look at the psychology in each of these.

Phone – will you be placed on a long hold? Will you get through to a call center? Will the operator know where to transfer you? You may be a small company, but your customers have HAD BAD experiences before and they won’t know whether or not your phone number gets through.

Generic contact form – similar to the above. Will my query get directed to the right people? Will it even get answered? I can guarantee you that both YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS have filled out a generic contact form and never received a response. They only complete this if there’s no other option.

Email – sending an email to info@website.com has the same problems as the phone or generic contact form. Will it go to the right department? Will it even be received?

I hope you can now see why customers are a little wary of these communication methods.

What’s The Last Thing You Want?

A customer posting a complaint publicly on your social profile!

This is why it’s important that you look at your customer support system to ensure that you use it to your advantage.

You Need To Sort This Out Today. Ignore It At Your Own Peril.

We previously mentioned that ALL customers like GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

We also mentioned that good support builds trust with your customers. a trusting customer is more likely to purchase your product/service.

How Do We Build This Trust?

We let them know that we are very serious about offering excellent support.

Part of this, is making sure that they FEEL like they can reach you and will get prompt and effective support.

How Do You Do This?

One of the best ways is to use help desk software and communicate this feature to your customers.

You’ll notice we do it all the time here at Lab41.

We have lots of different types of inquiries but we want our customers to feel that they get priority support. Which they do.

I don’t want them ever wondering if we receive their support request! I want them to know that they are our top priority!

We feel that our most important responsibility is to take care of our existing customers rather than focus on growing the business.

Why We Take Care Of Our Existing Customers

It costs 5 to 7x more to get a new customer than keep an existing customer happy.

By increasing customer retention by 5% we are able to increase our profit by 95%.

Don’t believe me? Research it. Start by reading:

The cost of acquiring a new customer

Now you see why it’s so important to us! a happy customer is beneficial to everyone and that’s why we focus on customer support.

At Lab41 We Have FOUR Communication Channels

  1. Online Appointments – people sometimes want to chat through things. It’s easier to chat through some things than email backwards and forwards.
  2. Contact Form – clearly visible, easy to find and we give a fast response. This is where most general inquiries come through.
  3. Help Desk – clearly visible and communicated to ALL customers. We ONLY want customers using this feature. When they use it, they know we respond fast!
  4. Social Media – they can reach us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN if they have any questions and we’ll respond immediately.

Your Customers Might Think Differently Of You

You might think that it’s easy for customers to get hold of you, but what is THEIR PERCEPTION?

Have you CLEARLY communicated to them that they can get hold of you for any support and you’ll be there for them?

Is this CLEARLY communicated to prospective clients?

If not, it’s something you should sort out.

This SECRET Tip Will Let You Easily Cross-Sell & Grow Your Business

We’ve recently focused on the importance of perception. We also mentioned that having a generic contact form, phone number and info@ email is DOES NOT create the impression of contact-ability.

You need to ACTIVELY communicate it. We suggested the use of a CUSTOMER HELP DESK SOFTWARE.

It’s easy to integrate and it makes customers and prospective customers trust you more as they feel that you are there for them should they require any support.

How To Earn More Money From Your Customers

I want to show you how you can use this HELP DESK SOFTWARE to actually upsell and cross-sell.

Customers are going to request support. That’s a fact.

By using CUSTOMER HELP DESK SOFTWARE, you can direct all these support requests to this particular page. What this allows us to do is cross-sell & upsell to them.

Since they’re going to this page anyway, we can place ANY INFORMATION you want on this page and they’ll see it. Why not use this prime space to cross-sell or teach them about a feature about your offering?

They also receive confirmation emails so why not use those to communicate something with them?

By using HELP DESK SOFTWARE, you’ve created trust with them.

So surely it makes sense to use this opportunity to also show them some of your other products/services?

Another Way To Earn More From Your Customers

Alternatively, after they have completed the support request, why not use this moment to cross-sell and upsell? They’ve done what they wanted, and are now on a thanks page, but before they go on their merry way, you might as well grab their attention and show them something else!

Interesting isn’t it?

2 Scenarios. One Bad, One Good. Do You Do What Most Companies Do?

We’ve been focusing on the importance of building trust with your customers and prospects.

Compare These Two Scenarios

Scenario 1:

A prospect is browsing your website and while they do so they get a very strong impression that you offer exceptional customer support. You have a dedicated help desk using help desk software, that’s prominent and easy to find, and they can clearly see that you take it very seriously. They’re thinking about buying and feel quite comfortable since if there are any issues you’ll quickly assist them. There’s an element of trust as well as professionalism that they appreciate.

Scenario 2:

A prospect is browsing your website and while it’s very professional there is very little reference to customer support. They can see there is a phone number, a standard contact form and an info@ email address, but they’ve seen these on thousands of websites, and often companies have never gotten back to them when they use those communication channels.

I know it’s EXTREMELY obvious which is the better scenario for your company, but I can almost guarantee you that 95% of companies fit scenario 2.

The odds are that scenario 2 describes you more than scenario 1.

Am I right?

Why Do Companies Not Remedy This?

For something SO INCREDIBLY EASY TO REMEDY I just don’t understand why companies don’t do this.

Where does your company fit in the spectrum?

What Do Your Visitors Know?

Do your visitors KNOW that you really care about your customers?

If not, I really think it’s time that you sort this out.

This Tiny 5% Change Can Increase Profits By 95%

We started out by saying that everyone likes GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I then mentioned how important it is to keep your customers happy.

Why We Take Care Of Our Existing Customers

It costs 5 to 7x more to get a new customer than keep an existing customer happy.

By increasing customer retention by 5% we are able to increase our profit by 95%.

This must be the easiest way to earn money!

We then looked at REALITY vs PERCEPTION.

Although you might THINK that you offer great customer service at your company, what your CUSTOMER PERCEIVES could be very different.

Why Not Use This Opportunity To Earn More?

You could easily and unobtrusively take this opportunity to cross-sell to them as well.

Web psychology is all about directing customers where you want them to go, so it’s easy. It just needs a little thought!

At the bottom of the help desk, you could show a few of your products/services.

Then after they have completed their help request, they get directed to a thank you page so they know that it is received, and yet again you can take this opportunity to sell to them. It’s not pushy, since a thank you page normally results in customers leaving your site since they’ve completed the action they wanted to, but having some products/services here, just brings them back!

This is such powerful web psychology here and we’d love you to benefit from it.

Your Next Step

No matter WHAT INDUSTRY you are in, using customer help desk software will give you a boost.

We have a number of help desk software options that we use and they depend on your needs. Why not take a quick look at our

Help Desk Software App

and give your customers an amazing experience and increase your profits in the process.

3 Major Benefits For Offering Great Support

What this app does is integrate a customer specific help desk.

  1. Improved trust – visitors can see you offer great support!
  2. Improved customer loyalty – customers who get great support are likely to buy/use services again.
  3. Improved sales – again this is a great way for strategic up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Offer great support.

What’s Next?

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Alex advises business, individuals, and organizations on how to use the internet to grow. He loves ideas and concepts and uses tech to make them a reality. Online marketing is his passion and loves to share the various tricks, and tools he discovers.