Good Website Design Series:

Using Good Website Design To Build A Highly Profitable Website

Check that you have good website design with our website usability checklist. We’ve found on average it can increase sales through your website by 200%+.

This is the introduction of a 4-part series on increasing sales through good website design and by improving it’s usability.

Good Website Design Series Overview

Intro: Using Good Website Design To Build A Highly Profitable Website [You Are Here]

Part 1: 6 Website Accessibility Factors Impacting Good Website Design

Part 2: 5 Top Website Branding Guidelines You MUST Have To Succeed

Part 3: 6 Website Navigation Best Practices To Follow

Part 4: 8 Page Layout Tips To Better Display Website Content

Do You Know Why Your Laptop Has A Lithium-ion Battery?

Michael Dell was propositioned with the technology while on a business trip to Japan, and being unhappy with the status quo he did everything he could to replace nickel batteries the world had been using.

In August 1994, DELL laptops broke all records by staying powered for five and a half hours on a nonstop flight from New York to Los Angeles.

For the last few years, we at Lab41 have been fighting the status quo of how to grow client’s businesses using online marketing and cutting-edge website development, while keeping the costs low for our clients.

Our end result, is a one of a kind system to:

  • Create eye-catching websites that

  • Convert like crazy, and then

  • Follow-up these powerful websites with some powerful online marketing apps

  • To get our clients ahead.

Challenge The Status Quo

But what does that mean for you?

We’ve got a lot of experience and have seen many pitfalls that website owners make. We want you to avoid these! So even if our services aren’t for you, you can still get some massive benefits!

I Don’t Want Lab41 To Help Me Sort Out My Website

  • We understand how you feel. You like to get your hands dirty and do it yourself.

  • We love helping people succeed online so we’ve actually put together our amazing ‘Website Usability Checklist‘ in a PDF format for you to download and do it yourself.

  • If you grab our checklist we’re also going to send you some short, to the point emails, explaining each of the checks you need to perform and why they add so much value

  • Keep you eyes peeled for our emails!

We’ve Made It Really Easy For You To Succeed


Usability Guide

Our Checklist Can Deliver A 500% Monthly Return

Some clients have found MASSIVE value in our good website design usability checklist!

We’ve found that on average by following all the steps in our checklist properly it generates a 300%, 400% or even 500% monthly return on your website.

Let Me Give You A Quick Example About Good Website Design

Recently, Google anounced that mobile (phones & tablets) use has overtaken desktop use, yet most websites are not mobile-optimized and load poorly on a smaller screen!

This means that these websites are generally losing 50% of their traffic/visitors due to a bad experience.

We’ve all come across those websites, where on a phone you have to scroll 20 screens left and right just to read the menu to find the ‘make an inquiry’ button!

So if your site is one of those that isn’t mobile optimized, just by making this one change, you can already improve the conversion rate for the over 50% of your site visitors who are using mobile devices!

Good Website Design Fact Mobile Friendly

How To Use Our Good Website Design Checklist

If you’re doing it yourself, good on you!

So, what you need to do is,

  • Print out the ‘Website Usability Checklist’ and then

  • Check off how you score for your website on each of the checks.

This will give you a QUICK list of action steps to improve and ensure you have good website design.

We Have TWO Requirements Of You:

  1. You actually fix any issues on your website that our good website design checklist identifies.

  2. You ensure you have conversion and split testing tracking enabled.

Why Do We Require This?

So that you can see for yourself the power of our checklist!

If you don’t do any changes you won’t see the 500% improvement (See the image at the top about what Einstein thinks of this!), and if you don’t have proper tracking you won’t know the improvement!

Want To EXPLODE Your Website Growth?

Our checklist just ensures your website is primed for growth, but there’s so much more you can do!

Our marketing ninjas are experts and can consistently generate massive returns for our customers.

That’s simply because so many industries are so far behind utilizing the power of online marketing and by introducing a few core concepts to your business, we can generate MASSIVE growth for you through the online space.

Good Website Massive Growth

Want 200% Or 300% More Business From Your Website?

If you can double or triple the leads your website generates through good website design, what’s that worth to you?

For most businesses a new customer is worth anywhere between $500 to $20 000 over their lifetime and for many businesses it’s far higher than this!

Just by applying some of our tried and tested techniques to your website, you can easily grow your business through your website.

So if we can get you a few more (to many many more) customers per month, what would you be willing to pay for it?

While we normally charge $500 per hour for consulting services, we’ve put together a few free series’ that cover many of the basics.


Usability Guide

Want A Cutting-Edge Website?

  • Get a fresh looking website that converts like crazy. Join the waiting list for our famous risk-free trial.
  • Want more visitors? Discover what you need to fix on your website with our FREE SEO Audit tool. FREE SEO AUDIT.

Even if you change just one thing on your website that improves your conversion it would have been worth your while!

What’s Next?

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