Lab41 Digital Marketing FAQ

You have questions, we’ve got answers.

Our system gives you full power to add as many of these as you would like! What’s more, it’s incredible easy!

You can do these yourself or if you want them professionally done, we will give you a custom quote to load these.

No Problem! Our ‘SitePRO’ is powerful enough to create an amazing one for you. Just place your order and we’ll get it sorted for you!

First and foremost we help clients grow their business using the digital space.

It all starts by powering your website through SitePRO that outputs a cutting-edge website that converts like crazy.

You then select any of our bundles or individual apps we offer. These include, website building blocks, website boost, conversion apps, lead generation, search engine marketing, social media, customer connection, niche services & design extras.

The ‘SitePRO’ is a collection of code that we and others have developed that carefully integrates into creating a website that runs smoothly, looks fantastic, and converts like crazy. It’s a bit like a car! We have many core components that when integrated provide an incredible experience and will help you reach your destination. You don’t really want to know the nuts and bolts (unless you’re a mechanic!), you just want it to work. The technology we’ve developed is like that, we understand every little part of our machine and what to do to keep it running perfectly. If you need more information, please ask!
There is none! You own the domain, you own your content. We simply provide the technical interface that makes your site look fantastic. You can either use our hosting services or your own hosting.

We are an international team, view our about page for more information.

Yes! It couldn’t be simpler. He have an easy to use drag & drop interface so it’s child’s play!
  • Once your website is powered by SitePRO you then have access to our incredible services.
  • It’s easy! Just pick and choose the services you want. It’s that easy!
We aim for a 72 hour turn-around time. Usually we beat that deadline by a couple of hours, but sometimes a heavy workload can get in the way. If that happens we’ll be quick to get in touch and let you know.

Our system is flexible and the choice is yours.

  • either you can do it yourself, or
  • you can let us do it by purchasing a website maintenance service

Changing Content
Even though we have a very easy to use drag and drop feature so changing content is easy, it still takes time like all good design work! Choosing the right colors, font weights and layouts take time no matter how experienced you are. 99% of the time it’s cheaper to let our in-house designers load any content for you than using a staff member. Remember our designers do this all day every day, so it’s second nature, while even if your staff members know how to do it, they won’t be as fast and it will cost you more in staff costs.

Our service is flexible, either you can provide any content you would like us to load for you, or we can even use our team of experience writers to help produce engaging content!

Updating Website Code
For this you will need our maintenance service. It’s vital you have your code up to date or you will be vulnerable to hackers exploiting outdated code. You don’t want to lose your entire website to a hacker due to outdated code!

It’s easy! You have 3 choices.
  1. You need to have enabled our website management service. You will then get a certain number of free yearly changes you can use.
  2. Alternatively, you can do it yourself.
  3. Or you can request once-off changes from us.
The maintenance service is very powerful and will also ensure your website code is updated to the latest standards and with the latest security patches!

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