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Integrate A Powerful Search Feature

Everybody uses different phrases to look for something. Our powerful search app will meet all their needs.

Track What People Are Looking For

Our enhanced search tracks the phrases your customers are looking for, so you can quickly identify what interests them most!

Predictive Search

Most people are lazy and on a mobile and don’t want to type out a long phrase. This enhanced search has predictive search to make it easy!

Give Your Users What They Want

With an enhanced search option.


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  • Predictive Search
  • Fuzzy Matches
  • Like Terms
  • PDF Search
  • Search Analytics
  • Synonym Directory

Give Your Website A Powerful Search Feature


Help people to find what they’re looking for and they will stay engaged.


This cutting-edge feature will ensure your visitors are impressed!


You want people reading what they want, not hunting needles in a haystack!

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