42 000+ Marketers Were Asked Where To Spend Your Money

Alex Read

Alex Read

Last updated 11 March 2020
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Let’s make this nice and simple.

You want more business with the highest marketing ROI.

This is where it really happens!

There’s a reason, we only look at driving traffic into the funnel at the end of the process. It’s because time and again, research shows that funds invested in getting the best funnel give the highest ROI. We’re all about quick wins and getting clients the most bang for their buck. So the first thing we focus on is maximising your existing traffic and marketing to give you the biggest results boost!

Let’s say it costs you $1 to get a person to view your website and like most websites you convert at 2%.

  • For $1000 (1000 visitors), at a 2% conversion you can get 20 leads and let’s say you close those at 10% which is 2 deals for $1000.
  • Let’s say we tweak that funnel and you’re now closer to 5% conversion and you close those at 15% (due to the funnel) which is 7.5 deals for the same $1000.[/dt_list_item]Okay, here is something really inspiring! It looks like an old rotten tree trunk but you won’t believe it untill you see it!

So while your competitors will get 2 deals per 1000 visitors, by spending time and money upfront you can get 7.5 deals. This means you can pay 3X what they’re paying for traffic and still come out on top! Read about the full process in our ‘Growth Strategy Series.’

So what happens before this stage:

  • Boost it with some great features to make sure your website is the best it can be and offers the best it can for it’s visitors! Grab the ‘SitePRO Boost Bundle‘. Want to read why you need these features and why they add so much value? Do that here.
  • Since buyers are in different stages when they come across your website, you need to cater to their various mindsets. We do that with our ‘Digital Sales Funnel Explosion‘ app. Want to fully grasp how this can easily generate between a 200% and 500% growth in your online business? You can do that here.
  • If your business wants leads, then we really optimize it for generating leads with our ‘Lead Explosion‘ app.

Once these are all done it’s simply a case of driving as many potential prospects into your highly converting funnel!

That’s what this is all about.

Let’s Take a Look What a Survey Of 42 000+ Digital Marketers

You really should benefit from this combined knowledge! Make sure you’re allocating your budget accordingly.

Question 1: Top 5 Trends


Just in case you think it’s only us at Lab41 who think you should focus your spending on:

  1. Your Website
  2. Boosting Your Website
  3. Adding Engaging Content
  4. Creating a Powerful Email Strategy

It seems that 42 000 other marketing professionals have all concluded the same as us at Lab41! You see why we keep going on and on, about first doing these steps, even though all you want to do is drive traffic into the funnel from the get go?

Question 2: What Are The Most Effective Lead Generation Tactics?


It shows you yet again, what we’ve been saying!

Question 3: Social Media Tactics


Yet again, you’ll see it’s about having engaging content that builds trust!

Can You Help Me Benefit From This?

Only if you’re willing to put time, effort and some funding into it, since it’s a lot of work.

Here’s how. Follow these steps.

  1. Get Your Website Powered By The Lab41 SitePRO.
  2. Get SiteBOOST.
  3. Prospect LinkIN.
  4. Lead Max App.
  5. Lead Generation.

Once you’ve got those all sorted you’ve got the most bang for your buck. Now it’s time to drive some traffic into that funnel!



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