Get 200% More From Your Website With Conversion Marketing

Conversion Marketing is a Refining Process and We'll Help You Get Your Website to Be as Sharp as a Razor! Find Out About Website Conversion Optimization.

Get 200% More From Your Website With Conversion Marketing

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

    Conversion marketing is a refining process and we’ll help you get your website to be as sharp as a razor! Find out about website conversion optimization.

    This is part 1 of a 5-part series on increasing sales through your improving website through conversion rate optimization.

    The Easy Way To Succeed Online With Conversion Marketing

    Thanks for reading this high level conversion marketing overview series.

    I’ll try my best to keep it short, to the point, and easy to follow!

    How Important Is Conversion Marketing?

    That’s a little bit like asking ‘how important is it to have a website!’

    I cannot emphasize how important conversion optimization is.

    I see many badly designed websites but I see even more websites that HAVEN’T focused on conversion marketing.

    It just makes no sense to me!

    I understand that a designer’s task is to make eye catching & beautiful sites, but if that’s all you’re wanting from your website rather collect beautiful art!

    It’s not the designers fault! They were tasked to make a beautiful website but we need to look at why the website exists in the first place.

    What’s The Purpose Of Your Website?


    Most people I’ve spoken to want a website to do one of two things:

    The Two Most Common Website Purposes

    Firstly, bring in inquiries or sales.

    Secondly, bring in inquiries or sales.

    Yes, I’ve ever only had people with ONE PURPOSE. To bring in inquiries/sales (excl. NGO’s, but even they want people to inquire and find out more about the work they do!).


    What’s The Gap?

    Do you see the MASSIVE gap between design and conversion?

    Who’s job is it to ensure that the website fulfills your ONE PURPOSE for it to bring in leads/sales?

    What’s The Solution?

    This is an EXTREMELY technical field taking years of experience to get right.

    with an experienced conversion marketing expert charging £350-£500 per hour. (You need a good few hours!)

    Let me explain why it’s worth it.

    What is the lifetime value of your average customer?

    (E.g. Let’s say you keep each customer for 5 years on average, and each year you earn £1 000 from them. That customer is worth £5 000)

    I really encourage you to work this out.

    Most companies have a MUCH higher customer lifetime value.

    This means that if a conversion expert gets you just ONE MORE CUSTOMER they’ve paid for 10 hours worth of their time. (£500 per hour x 10 = £5000)

    BUT BUT BUT, the changes they make apply every month. So every month you’re getting an extra customer for years!

    How To Increase Your Conversion By 200%

    Did you know that changing the colour or the wording of a button on your website can increase your conversions by 200%?

    If you get 10 customers per month on your website, this can sometimes be DOUBLED by changing the colour and wording on a button.

    What you ask? Yes, the correct colour and wording of a button can DOUBLE your sales from your website EVERY MONTH.

    What’s the lifetime value of those EXTRA SALES? (10 bonus customers at a £5000 lifetime value = £50 000)

    Conversion improvement is an ongoing process (as you can ALWAYS tweak and improve your website), but to get you started I’m going to cover some of the high level ‘quick wins’ so that you can see some quick results.


    Does Your Website Have a Leak?

    The first thing that most people focus on in a new website is getting traffic.

    The Most Common Questions I Get

    How do I get more traffic, shall I advertise, or pay for an SEO expert, or promote my business on social media?

    These are the WRONG questions to be asking.

    If you had to fill a tank with water every month, and there were big leaks, what would you do?

    Would you just use more water (increase website traffic), or would you stop, plug the leaks and continue?

    Conversion optimization is like plugging the leaks in your website before you fill it with traffic.

    The FIRST thing that is needed is to go through the website and optimize it for conversions.

    A Website’s One Purpose

    Remember I said that a website has ONE PURPOSE?


    What You Should Be Asking Yourself

    Conversion Marketing Convert Visitors


    If not, STOP asking about traffic and get this sorted, or you’re wasting money (unless you’re seriously flush and money is no issue).

    Why You Should Be Asking

    Let’s say you have 1 000 site visitors per month (very very low) and you convert them into leads at 1% (unoptimized rate). That’s 10 leads per month.

    Option 1: Increase Traffic

    Spend money to bring in more traffic and increase leads this way, but let’s say you get 500 more visitors per month, that’s only 5 extra leads.

    These extra 5 leads ONLY come while you’re spending money to get the extra 500 visitors per month (You stop spending and the extra 500 visitors don’t come).

    Option 2: Conversion Marketing

    Do some conversion optimization ‘quick wins’ and get your site conversion up to 5% (maybe even 10%).

    Now those original 1000 visitors are generating 50 to 100 leads PER MONTH.

    Month after month after month.

    Compare that to an extra 5 leads.

    That’s a 1 000% to 2 000% improvement with option 2.

    Which Option Would Your Choose?

    Do you now see why this is so important?

    Simple as that.

    What Is a Customer Worth To You?

    If you’re a fly by night then this isn’t for you. We’re building for the long term here.

    If you’re a fly by night, set up a website, pay for a bunch of traffic, and grab the leads, then close shop in a few months. BUT we don’t do this, so please don’t ask us to help.


    What We Want For You

    We want you to succeed year after year after year.

    What I want you to do is work out the lifetime value of your customer.

    I Want You To Answer These Questions

    1. HOW LONG do you keep an average customer for?
    2. What do you EARN EACH YEAR from them?

    If you don’t answer these questions now, you might as well stop reading any of my emails as they won’t make sense unless you know this.

    Multiply the two together to work out your average lifetime value per customer.

    I Need You To Do This NOW

    Write it down. Just do it.

    I’ll be referring to this again and again.

    The reason I want you to WRITE IT DOWN, is that I’ll be using an average of £5000 and you’ll think this is TOO HIGH, but actually, it’s very conservative.

    If you haven’t worked it out yet, please do it now.

    How To Quickly Increase Your Online Business By 300%

    I’ve been going ON AND ON about working out the lifetime value of your average customer and the reason I’ve done this is because improving the conversion rate of a website is a long term commitment.

    You can keep tweaking and testing until you’ve optimized it to the max but there are MANY things you can do to quickly add value.

    Remember we said that a website has ONE PURPOSE? To increase sales/leads. I now want to look at ONE aspect to reach that goal.

    What Stands Between Your Purpose & Your Visitors?

    Any guesses?


    Yes, that’s right. This is the point at which all the work you’ve done to target their motivations, overcome objections, and emphasize the value of your offering comes together in a ONE action.

    To press the button or not.


    Have You Optimized Your Buttons?

    Does each button:

    1. Tell the visitor what to do? (Have an action command)
    2. Sound natural and NOT robotic. Read your buttons out loud. (‘View Demo’ sounds more robotic than ‘View a Demo’)
    3. Align with the next page the button takes them to build trust?
    4. Offer something your visitor desires. (Will this button take them closer to a solution?)

    How To Increase Conversions By 100% To 300%

    By optimizing their buttons many websites have increased conversions by 100% to 300% and more.

    Have you done this?

    That’s just one of many conversion factors to look at.

    You Should Have Done This Weeks Ago

    Every month people are visiting your website. If you’re lucky it’s a lot, and if not, that too can be easily solved.

    Let’s Focus On Your Current Visitors

    For now, let’s focus on the visitors that are currently viewing your site each month.

    As we’ve mentioned there are HUNDREDS of factors that influence conversion and used a button as an example.

    We’ve selected 25 Optical Illusions that will twist your mind! Make sure you don’t miss it!

    Did you know that just by changing the colour of certain elements on your website we can drive up conversions? That’s another factor.

    How about the placement of images? There are psychological studies showing how the average user reads a page and where to strategically place a call to action to optimize conversions?

    Conversion Marketing Did You Know

    I don’t want to focus on all these factors now, but I want to focus on what it’s costing you to NOT have optimized your website?

    If just by optimizing buttons we can increase conversions by 150% what is the cost of NOT doing this?

    Every month you are LOSING leads.

    What is the lifetime value of each lead that is lost?

    If you have 10 inquiries and get 2 customers from these 10 inquiries, then with a little conversion optimization you could increase it to 20 inquiries and probably 4 leads.

    That’s 2 extra leads at a lifetime value of £5000 each.

    How Much Would You Have Lost Each Month?

    You’d be losing £10 000 every month. (Use your own numbers to work it out.)

    Surely this is something that is so important that you should have done this weeks ago?

    My thoughts exactly,

    A Quick Way To Grow Your Business

    I hope you’ve had a moment to take a coffee break!

    We’ve been covering some pretty serious issues and they are quite complex and you may need to read through what we covered a second and a third time to fully grasp it. I encourage you to do this.

    I know it’s high level but I just can’t stress enough how important it is.

    We’ve Looked At

    How the SOLE PURPOSE of a website is to generate leads.

    How MOST PEOPLE just have a pretty site that doesn’t align with this purpose. (The design spec was to make it look beautiful and trendy, not to convert like crazy)

    The LIFETIME VALUE OF a CUSTOMER, so that you know what each online customer is worth.

    How improving your buttons can make a MASSIVE difference, since they are the point where your website purpose and users meet.

    How some companies INCREASED CONVERSIONS BY 200% by just improving their buttons.

    There are HUNDRED OF CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION factors, that can be improved.

    The VALUE of these additional customers from improved conversion marketing is worth every month. Month after month after month, ongoing.

    We then looked at WHY IT’S WORTH SPENDING £400 TO £500 PER HOUR on a conversion expert. (The changes they make bring in EXTRA customers month after month after month and it quickly repays the cost.)

    How Do You Get Started With Conversion Marketing?

    The answer is slowly.

    While we can charge £400 or £500 per hour on conversion optimization for your site, most sites don’t even have the conversion basics right so we feel this is a bit high for just implementing the basics.

    We want this to be accessible for all since it’s so vital to your online success.

    Your Next Step

    To see what we offer (and it’s not £400 to £500 per hour) have a look at our

    Conversion Rate Optimisation App

    I want to briefly explain the differences between the various packages.

    Firstly, I want you to know that conversion optimization is never ending. It’s like sharpening a knife.

    The more you sharpen the blade the better it cuts. You can always improve your website to convert better. Conversion optimization is a refining process.

    You take a baseline, you make some changes, you test the results, and if successful, you keep the changes, else you try some other changes.

    You then make some more changes, test the results and decide again if the new changes added value. You keep doing this and you will have a razor sharp website.

    You start with 1 page and do this for a number of months and then move onto another page and repeat the process.

    What’s Next?

    Read our next article in the conversion rate optimization series:

    This Live Chat Software can Increase Conversions by 400%

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