Content Guard

Protect What's Yours!

Protect Your Content

Content guard protects your content by preventing people and automated bots from stealing it.

Block Spam Bots

This app integrates seamlessly with your website and uses advanced techniques to lock down your content from copycats and tools. Automated tools and people regularly steal content on the web and claim it as their own. They even then get credit for it!

Your Content Is Valuable

You’ve spent a fortune on your digital content, whether it’s text or images, or any digital media and it makes sense to prevent this getting stolen! It’s much easier to prevent your content from being stolen than trying to reach out to webmasters to remove stolen content! Imagine reaching out to 200 webmasters to remove an article or image that has been copied all over the web by automated bots. Prevention is better than a cure!

Protect Your Site With Content Guard

This content guard app stops you from becoming a victim of content theft and offers you digital rights protection.


once off
On Request
  • Prevent People & Bots
  • Image Protection
  • Text Protection
  • Apply To Logged IN/OUT Users
  • Exclude Specific Pages

Your Website Content Is Valuable


Stop people copying your content.


Prevent automated tools from stealing content.


Keep your content on your own site.

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