[Case Study]: How a Home Improvement Store Increased Sales by £15M

Discover How a Home Improvement Store Increased Sales by £15M


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    I know you’re busy and probably don’t want to read a length detailed case study, so I thought I’d summarise the key points so you can see the power of this marketing technique.

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    The Home Improvement Store Case Study

    Stine supplies “everything for your home and yard.” and was started in 1952. It’s still a family-owned business with community-oriented priorities, with 12 locations successfully compete with “big box” stores.

    The Louisiana home improvement store wanted to build its approachable and friendly brand, more easily promote special deals and events, and ultimately drive in-store sales.

    What They Wanted to Achieve:

    • Increased foot traffic in their store
    • Increased brand awareness
    • Increased in-store sales

    Is that something you’d like?

    More brand awareness & sales from your prospects?

    What Were the Results:

    • 24% Increase in Store Sales
    • Extra £15M Per Year In Sales
    • 20% Decrease in Adspend

    If you want, you can read the full case study, it’s available here.

    How Did They Do It?

    Stine Home + Yard used a combination of Page publishing and Ads to achieve its business goals.

    They used page posts to promote seasonal sales and events where they featured photos of customers with the sales sign, images from the company’s coupon book, and promotional videos.

    All of these were placed as ads in the News Feed and targeted to people who live within 50 miles of various cities in Louisiana.

    During the holidays, they posted a mix of images of promotional products with photos of the Stine business as well as current associates and customers.

    This type of targeting and ad strategy could be helpful to small businesses or hyperlocal businesses that want to gain foot traffic or awareness from the prospective customers closest to them.

    Key Takeaways

    When used correctly Facebook is one of the MOST powerful marketing strategies available today.

    No matter what your product or service is, your perfect customers are on Facebook.

    It’s a case of finding the right offer and showing it to the correct people.

    This is a classic case study of a cookie-cutter campaign done right. With a bit of optimisation and a few extra techniques, they could have gotten much better results.

    The trick is testing and optimisation with Facebook and finding the perfect offer.

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