Can a Firm Multiply its Sales Growth by a Factor of 17?

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We’ve been helping various firms increase their web traffic for more than ten years now, so we’ve been around the block a few times.

There was a case of a business owner who had heard about our website, and she needed our assistance in increasing her sales pipeline.

She went through the elementary process, where we enquired about her goals, and she confirmed she wanted to have to double her clientele, which was about 200 clients then.

We get more than a hundred of these cases, whether its lawyers, accountants, content creators, among others, through digital marketing, so we first had to go online and looked at her digital presence.

Her website, as per SEMrush’s statistics, was bringing in $500 worth of income monthly. She had an exceptional standing in her business community. Her past clients had left positive reviews about her online.

We decided to help her out, and like most websites we’ve worked with, now, nine months later, SEMrush values her site at $8,500 a month, 17 times what it was when we began.

It can also be you.

So, if you need to boost your sales pipeline capacity, be sure to click here and get the best quotes!

Business Sales Growth

How to Convert Your Sales Growth from a Hundred to a Thousand

With the new era ushering the digital marketing frenzy, most people think it’s an easy thing. I mean, it’s just posting ideas online and getting people to react, right?

Well, that’s far from the truth.

 Digital marketing can be one of the most challenging things you can do.

The very same business owner had been struggling to make ends meet and had to look to us for assistance. She even explicitly stated that she thought “this marketing stuff isn’t rocket science” and was sure she could do it herself with the right tools and time.

Another client, an accountant, thought that if he posted some ‘brainy quotes’ and some tutorial videos, people would watch his content and hire him as their financial adviser.

Well, despite most business owner’s notions, while digital marketing might not be rocket science, it’s a science. Why? It’s because we’re dealing with algorithms, functions, calculations, hypotheses, formulas, and conclusions.

You should not also forget that with the digital migration, everyone wants to make money online, but what can you do to ensure you’re earning cash? Be the best!

That said here are a few pointers to getting your firm to the top:

#01. Your Mindset Determines Everything

The digital platform is competitive. So, what are you bringing to the table? Is it unique? Does it speak volumes to your service? Does it augur well with your clients and your business?

You have to take your competition seriously and ensure your staff or employees or even the firm owner, if you’re not one, does too.

 If you ignore or don’t treat your competition like champs, you won’t put enough effort into your marketing to beat them permanently.

#02. Try the Unique Selling Proposition

As mentioned above, people will hire your firm because you offer something unique. Probably your competitors offer residential mortgages only. Make your slogan unique and catchy. It should attract your clients from the get-go.

You should also try and offer them better deals, and also incorporate equity release plans or something like retirement mortgages, and they’ll flock your doors.

If you have the unique selling proposition you ensure to place it front and center, it sets you apart, makes you unforgettable, reliable, and approachable. You can’t skip this. If you do, your consumers are going to choose someone else when they get down to making a final decision as to which firm to sign up at.

#03. The Site Design

Having your website look appealing isn’t the ultimate objective. It needs to convert your website visitors into retained clientele. We put together a site design that would have the likelihood of getting the visitors to hit the subscribe button.

Nevertheless, this is only the foundation.

You have to ask yourself what people are doing when they reach the site. So you have to conduct user testing, screen recording, and even surveys to make sure that the people accessing your website have what they need to feel comfortable putting your firm on retainer.

Therefore, you need to get a great site up and work on making it convert better each day via user testing, site modification, and implementation.

#04. Get Google to Send Traffic

Here’s where most firms’ pockets catch on fire, and most entrepreneurs turn their backs on digital marketing and stick to the traditional ways.

Getting Google to send traffic can be one of the simplest tasks you’ll ever do or the most daunting one since various factors are at play.

Let’s use a case point. If you’re a corporate lawyer that just won the most publicized case ever, you’re going to acquire a ton of free traffic from Google and, probably, a ton of open legal matters to work on.


It’s because people are fascinated with the case you won. They’re interested in finding the best corporate lawyer, and in the vast sums of cash, you just saved your firm. Typically, you’re lucky since you just stumbled onto the marketing jackpot.

If you are like most lawyers, however, this isn’t going to happen for you.

For you to get Google traffic, you’ll have to convince Google that people are looking for you…or; alternatively, you can pay Google to skip the long line and get to the top.

Those “paying to play” are the ones at the top of Google search with “ad” next to their listing.

So you can use the winning combo: convincing Google to send traffic and also paying for the traffic, for the best conversion rates.

You can learn to do either, but then again, you have to be an expert before diving in. If you don’t learn everything, understand the optics, and test it out, you’re going to dig yourself into a shack you’ll never be able to get out of.

However, if you take time and spend close to 5,000 hours, online, you can get limitless Google traffic to your site that will turn into traffic if your site design and messaging are right.

If you feel that that’s a bit too much for you, you can always click here for the best service.

Side Note on Google Traffic

Google traffic is the best traffic for any firm offering services to the people, be it a law firm, a finance business, or even a fashion house.

It’s highly sought after and there are two ways to go by it; you can choose to purchase it straight from Google or to use SEO to convince Google to give it to you.

Unless you’re new to the term SEO, you have a clue about what SEOs entail.

There are various sorts of SEOs. Some feel like they’re simply marketers: generating the best sites, naturally attracting the most attention, and being remunerated with mass amounts of Google traffic.

Others feel like they’re fighting against the most prominent adversaries of the world: Google. They wake up ready in arms. They look at SEO as a manipulation of the system, and they want to be the most excellent manipulators and make the most capital.

There are no laws vis-à-vis this. Google spends obscene amounts of cash to lessen its efficiency and is actively fighting against those doing this.

In all honesty, though, nothing’s wrong with either of the two.

The reason SEOs get such a debauched rap is that they make insane amounts of cash, fighting Google. Then, one day, Google discovers to make their tactics worthless, putting them in a very precarious position.

So what do you do?

You wave the white flag. Take your white hat off and give Google what they want, so that you don’t have to worry about them cracking down on you.

 In any case, why would Google shoot themselves in their foot?

#05. Follow Your Clients Around on Facebook (without looking creepy)

Have you ever noticed those ads that follow you around after looking at a particular product online?

Well, that’s no accident, and it doesn’t cost the advertiser much.

The platforms that host those advertisements are more willing to show your ads to the visitors that have been to your website. They figure, rightly so, that your ads are pertinent to their market and that their users may be pleased to see them, so they cost less.

For you, it means that your clients will keep seeing your mug. When they’re ready to pull the trigger rather than do research, you’re right there, like a guardian angel.

It’s a pay to play system through Facebook, and it’s very affordable. So try.

If you need more information on how to do this, you can click here and be a step closer to garnering those clients.

#06: Participate in Outreach to Promote Your Firm

Google considers a couple of things when they decide to rank a website. One of these things is what sites are linking to your website.

Why Google does this is because dependable and authoritative websites don’t link to websites that aren’t trustworthy or influential. Forbes won’t link to “payday loans.” Google knows this, and thus, it takes this signal into account when ranking sites.

If your website is one that people are looking for and is also trustworthy and authoritative, Google will then automatically send people to it. Therefore, if you want to let those reliable and imposing websites to know that you exist and offer then the opportunity to link to yours.

If they do, users will then trust you more, and Google will also trust you. Google will send you free traffic.

Remember, though, that the goal here is to get those sites to mention you, and not to link. If you focus on the link value alone, you’ll be putting your site at risk. Google doesn’t allow for link manipulation for the aim of search engine ranking manipulation and will come up in arms looking for you if they believe you’re actively engaging in such.

For the business owner’s target site, we spent about $1,000 every month on outreach to let people know how fantastic the website was. It then resulted in natural links and traffic from reliable and authoritative websites.

So, who says you can’t do it? Try it now!

#07. Social Media Should be Your Favorite Playground, Ensure You’re Getting the Likes & Comments

Many have tried this and failed! It’s not as easy as it seems to gain a following, especially for specific businesses like law firms or advertisement firms.  However, that shouldn’t deter you. It’s not hard to gain attention.

You want social media shares and visits from real people. These will be your signals showing you that you and your site are prevalent.

We help in creating blogs with unique entrepreneurial commentary on subjects people are interested in. We also come up with pieces that create outrage but speak to your target market. That way, you get a lot of shares, views, and engagement at an affordable cost.

If you have no clue about how to go by this or even have some excellent guides for this, be sure to click here and we will take you step by step on how to get people sharing your content. You’ll soon be swimming in likes, comments, retweets, and re-visits.

The Takeaway

When you follow these steps, the results will speak for themselves. For instance, Carla’s site, the business owner, had a monthly traffic review valued at around $500, and now it is valued at $8,500. It was a nine-month process. She’s currently working on getting to $10,000. So, why can’t you multiply your sales pipeline by a factor of 17?

All it takes is a coordinated plan, a focused and motivated team, hard work, and no shortcuts. 

Reach out today and we will help you identify your marketing roadblock for free!



Alex advises business, individuals, and organizations on how to use the internet to grow. He loves ideas and concepts and uses tech to make them a reality. Online marketing is his passion and loves to share the various tricks, and tools he discovers.

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Alex Read
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Alex advises business, individuals, and organizations on how to use the internet to grow. He loves ideas and concepts and uses tech to make them a reality. Online marketing is his passion and loves to share the various tricks, and tools he discovers.