Using A Trust Offer To Convert Users Into Buyers

Adding this ‘2nd Trust Offer’ is the MOST VALUABLE business strategy change you can make to your online presence. Find out how to do it for your business!

Convert Users Into Buyers

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

    Adding this ‘2nd Trust Offer’ is the single MOST VALUABLE business strategy change you can make to your business. Find out how to do it!

    This is step #04 of our proven 8 step ‘Business Growth Series’ to grow your business through your website by 200% to 1000%+.

    The Power Of The ‘2nd Trust Offer’ In Business Strategy

    Remember at the start I mentioned that in business school 101, there are 3 ways to grow your business?

    • Get more customers.
    • Get each customer to spend more.
    • Get each customer to spend more often.

    And that I said that it was the combination of these that leads to exponential growth?

    I still haven’t finished with pt 1, getting more customers.

    What we’ve got here are a lot of people who’ve ONLY been willing to give us their contact information with our lead magnet.

    They’re still deciding if they can trust you.

    Business Strategy Trust

    Remember what I said?

    We believe trust is earned and takes time.

    So now to improve your business strategy, you slowly need to increase the level of trust and for this, you’ll use the ‘2ndTrust Offer’.

    How Trust And Money Are Linked

    Money is a strange thing. People spend it all the time, but they only spend it when they trust you.

    So when you’re outlining your business strategy, remember that the more money you’re asking for, the more trust you need.

    The Marketing Course That Costs £5000

    If I put together a marketing course and asked you to buy it for £5000 right now, you probably would think I’m crazy. You don’t trust me yet.

    Just until this point, I’ve shared 5 to 8 proven ways to double your income from your website. Not only that, but it’s every single month, month after month.

    You’ll pay back the £5000 in absolutely no time and then it’s pure profit. I haven’t shared difficult techniques to implement, or ‘far out there’ solutions.

    I’ve kept it conservative and showed your industry averages just so you can see what an ‘Average’ implementation of these techniques can do for your business.

    Is £5000 Too Much To Ask?

    But what I’m trying to show you, although I’ve added immense value, we’re just not at that point yet where I can ask you for £5 000! Don’t worry, I don’t do this anywhere in the article, I’m just using it for my example here! :-).

    It’s too much money and there’s too little trust so asking for it at this point would be a stupid business strategy. See what I mean?

    So what you now need in your business strategy is to give your leads a super low offer that is totally irresistible and a no-brainer. You could offer anything from £1 to £20. You just want to break even with this offer.

    You’re not trying to make a profit or a living from this offer. You might even run at a loss with this offer, but it’s worth it!

    1 Goal

    There Is Only ONE Business Strategy Goal For This Offer

    To convert your leads into buyers.

    Put another way…

    To change the fundamental relationship from prospect to buyer.

    There is a MASSIVE trust level that is reached when a prospect pays for something. Everything has changed.

    The MOST Valuable Business Strategy Change To Your Business

    Remember that with a free offer in your business strategy, people will often be suspicious and wonder “what is the catch?”, whereas with a low-cost offer it tends to convert better because it helps to alleviate that suspicion.

    Adding this ‘2nd Trust Offer’ is the single MOST VALUABLE change you can make to your business.

    The Key To The Success Of The ‘2nd Trust Offer’


    In this part of your business strategy, you’re not trying to make a quick sale here. You’re trying to make a good first impression with a new customer.

    The key is to make the trust signal offer irresistible to the leads.

    Let’s look at the hot dog vendor again. So he’s got great signage, the hot dogs look amazing and he’s brilliantly articulated the ‘After’ state of buying a hot dog from him. He’s offered people a taste of his amazing hot dogs (The Lead Magnet), but he still hasn’t earned a penny from them.

    He needs them to cross the ‘2nd Trust Signal’ to actually make a purchase.

    People who buy hot dogs generally want a drink with their meal. His core business is hot dogs, not selling drinks. So he might decide for new customers to sell the drink at cost or even below cost.

    Now that’s an irresistible offer! They’ve tasted his amazing hot dogs and now he’s offering them a drink at below cost in the meal if they buy now!

    Wow, I can see why people queue for his hot dogs, even if the hot dogs are slightly more expensive. He’s offering amazing value.

    While he might not earn that much of the one customer today, he knows he’s onto a good thing. As you read on, you’ll see why his business strategy means that he’s the more profitable vendor.

    Types Of ‘2nd Trust Offers’ Used In a Business Strategy

    The ‘2nd Trust Offer’ can take many shapes and form in your business strategy. Remember that its ONLY goal is to fundamentally change prospects/leads into buyers. Even if you have made no profit until this point.

    Once they’ve paid you, even if you make no profit, they’ve crossed the ‘2nd Trust Signal’ and you’re on your way to succeeding.

    So what are the different types of trust signals that you can use?

    I suggest that you use a whiteboard and think about what can you sell to your prospects at a cost, that will:

    1. Be irresistible
    2. Prove to them that you’re adding massive value.

    The value at this point in your business strategy must be immense and the price must be so low that it’s not a stumbling block.

    Here’s a little tip: An easy way of developing a ‘2nd Trust Signal’ is to take your main offer and break off a piece of it and package it as an individual product.

    For example:

    • a website designer could sell a logo.
    • a stylist could offer a wardrobe review.
    • a massage therapist could offer an organic stress release lotion.
    • a pool cleaning company could offer a DIY chlorine check.
    • an accountant could offer a tax time checklist.
    • a business lawyer could offer a contract template pack.
    • a dentist who offers a very cheap teeth whitening service.
    • a plumber who offers a very low geyser pressure test inspection.
    • a hairdresser who offers a very low hair cut price.
    • The rocket bottom price of a Kindle.
    • these are all items they would use with you anyway should you “upgrade” to their main product or service.

    It can be a digital product, however physical items have been shown to convert better. The price point needs to be low, relative to your market/product/service, however, generally speaking, it should be less than £20 with the best price points being around the £7 – £10 mark or ‘Free + Shipping’.

    Here’s a great example of a well thought out business strategy from an optometrist.


    While glasses can get pretty pricey and I’m sure they have some great markups, look at this offer for free glasses. You just need to cover the cost of shipping. Notice how they’re running an offer at cost or below cost.

    Most people will take them up on their free offer, as well as add an extra pair of glasses or some accessory since they’re paying for the shipping anyway.

    Business strategy brilliance in action!

    With ‘Free + Shipping’ you are not charging the customer for the product itself, just the cost to ship it out. In most cases you can cover the cost of the postage in the postage charge.

    The ‘2nd Trust Signal’ Strategy Is Simple

    Convert the maximum number of Lead Magnet leads into paying customers, even at the expense of your profit margin. Read on to learn why this business strategy is so effective.

    How Do We Tell People About The 2nd Trust Offer?

    So we have a bunch of new leads from our ‘Lead Magnet’.

    How do we go about telling them about this amazing, irresistible, value-packed ‘2nd Trust Offer’?

    Build Trust With Returning Visitors (2nd Trust Offer)

    Adding a 2nd Trust Offer is the Single Most Valuable Strategic Change That You Can Make to Your Business.

    Strategy Boost #01: The Lead Nurturing Addon For Big Wins (4300% ROI)!

    One of the goals of the ‘Lead Magnet’ is to capture people’s contact details. You may have wondered why this is so important but as we’ve previously explained it’s MUCH MORE important than getting straight up inquiries.

    When visitors immediately inquire there is no trust yet, and for these visitors, they are not qualified and it’s nothing more than an information gathering expedition, which is why your close rate on these first inquiries is very low (below 10%).

    Since these visitors have signed up for the ‘Lead Magnet’ you have both their name and their email address.

    What this means is that over a period of time you can send them value adding content straight into their inboxes. This creates both trust and brand familiarity.


    Here’s why this business strategy app is so powerful.


    (Source: CopyBlogger)


    (Source: Convince & Convert)

    Now email is very different to social media in that a Twitter status disappears as new people post and with Facebook the post gets pushed down the wall.

    What this means is that people only see it if they view it at that particular moment when it’s on top! Otherwise, they don’t even see it! That’s why companies do 6 to 8 tweets per day hoping that their followers will see 1 of them.

    With Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you’re in big competition for a person’s attention.

    You’re competing with all the people and brands that a person has chosen to engage with. They have many messages flashing in front of the user making it really hard to catch people’s attention and distinguish yourself!

    Give me the undivided attention of a client any day!

    Email is different. It’s in your inbox. It’s waiting for you to take action. Every time you view your inbox you see the subject line (which is about as long as a tweet).

    You need to take action. You need to either delete it, open it, or read it. It forces an action.

    The current average email open rate is 22.87%.

    Email Open Rates

    (Source: SmartInsights)

    While this is great, it’s just an average and with optimized headlines, you can achieve a much higher rate! Some of our emails and those of our clients are at 65%+! Even if they don’t open it, they’re still seeing your brand!

    Remember, we’re not talking about a once-off email here. We’re talking about carefully crafted, automated emails that have been refined over time.

    You tweak the images, you tweak the text, and you tweak the headlines until you’ve got a very high open rate and engagement rate.


    (Source: Unbounce)

    Just to give you an idea of how powerful this addon is let’s look at a few stats:

    Companies who invest in lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost.

    – all things that can lead to upping that conversion number. (Source: Forrester Research)


    (Source: Gleanster)

    They need to be educated further and moved along the buyer’s journey with appropriate content delivered to them at the right time. This is achieved by putting a strategic lead nurturing program in place.

    By effectively nurturing leads, you are able to deliver more warm leads from your ‘Lead Magnet’ to ‘2nd Trust Offer’ sales, ready to engage in sales conversations.


    (Source: Aberdeen Group)

    and the best possible way to explain the power of this addon is:


    (Source: Sellingly)

    So what we’re doing is taking the leads from our ‘Lead Magnet’ and carefully over time building trust and then we introduce our irresistible and value-adding 2nd Trust Offer.

    So Let’s Look At The Stats Again

    The stats above just show you WHY this business strategy is so powerful but I want to return to our specific example.

    Classic marketing email averages a 21% open rate.

    So if you send an email to 382 people, 80 will open it if you’re average. (Which the stats above also show)

    These are once-off-type emails to a large email list.

    But, you’re doing lead nurturing which is what we’re talking about and you’ve optimized your emails…


    (Source: SalesCycle)

    Since you have people’s emails you can email them the same offer repeatedly until they read it!

    In fact, you can push this well up to 95% with proper optimization and an amazing offer.


    (Source: Unbounce)

    An Average Website

    • Has 21% of emails read. (Source: SmartInsights).
    • Don’t capture emails.

    A Good Website:

    • Has 50% of emails read/opened.
    • So if you send 382 people an email about the offer 191 will open it/read it.
    • Of these 191 people, 50% will take you up on your amazing low-cost offer.*
    • Giving you 90 new clients.

    * This is a low-cost, non-profit generating, amazing, irresistible, highly optimized offer that’s designed to convert leads into clients.

    A Great Website:

    • Has 80% of emails read/opened.
    • So if you send 650 people an email about the offer 520 will open it/read it.
    • Of these 520 people, 50% will take you up on your amazing low-cost offer.*
    • Giving you 260 new clients.

    * This is a low-cost, non-profit generating, amazing, irresistible, highly optimized offer that’s designed to convert leads into clients.

    * This is a low-cost, non-profit generating, amazing, irresistible, highly optimized offer that’s designed to convert leads into clients.


    Remember how we said…

    New Customers

    You haven’t made any money yet, since your ‘‘2ndTrust Offer‘ is a low priced offer, but money has changed hands and you now have a lot of new clients.

    But, you’re happy because…


    New customers are 5X more expensive than existing customers.

    You just got 141 of them from 1000 site visitors of traffic!

    That’s powerful. Even if you just stopped here, you’d be amazing!

    Are You Getting as Many Leads From Your Website as You Should?

    • Quickly see where you can improve your website with some quick fixes!
    • We use it to grow your website by 200%. Its easy to use and simple to understand.
    • Download our free actionable 25 Quick Wins For Your Website Checklist.

    Strategy Boost #02: The Re-Marketing Addon Again

    This Time Even More Powerful!

    I’ve introduced the concept of re-marketing in step 3, and as you recall the core focus of this addon is bringing people back to your offer. In step 3, we brought people back to our ‘Lead Magnet’ but here we are bringing them back to our ‘2nd Trust Offer‘.

    What we do here is add a tag on them and for the next 60 days, get them familiar with your brand and promoting your ‘2nd Trust Offer‘.


    (Source: CMO)

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