Use THIS Business Marketing To Be An Authority (In ANY Market)

the Proven Business Marketing System to Grow Your Business Through Your Website and How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Marketing Budget.

Business Marketing To Be An Authority

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

    The proven business marketing system to grow your business through your website and how to get the most value out of your marketing budget.

    This is step #08 of our proven 8 step ‘Business Growth Series’ to grow your business through your website by 200% to 1000%+.

    See The Power Of This Digital Sales Funnel

    Let’s Bring All This Business Marketing Together

    So you’ve read and re-read what I’ve written twice or three times about business marketing and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed.

    Step #01 – Determine Your Product/Service

    In this business marketing phase I talked about the importance of clearly understanding your customers’ ‘Before‘ and ‘After‘ state and that the gap between these two states was called value.

    I looked at how the bigger the gap or the more value you can add, the more you can charge. I said that to do increase the gap between the ‘Before‘ state and the ‘After‘ state.

    You need to either:

    1. Create a better product or service.
    2. Communicate more effectively, the perceived gap between the ‘Before‘ and ‘After‘ state.

    This business marketing section is critical and not that difficult but most companies get this horribly wrong!

    Step #02 – Getting In Front Of Potential Customers

    Business Marketing Master It

    I showed you how most businesses think that they need more customers, and they spend a fortune on marketing to get those new customers when actually they need to increase the value of their existing customers.

    When you realize that on average

    80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers.

    You can see why it’s critical to focus your business marketing here next (after you’ve determined your product/service and how to communicate it).

    I then showed you how traffic is not the issue and that there are many places you can buy traffic but you need to first understand it’s value.

    I also mentioned that with these multiple traffic sources and strategies, it’s pivotal that you choose 1 to start with and focus on that one.

    Master it. Conquer it. Dominate it. Then branch out.

    How to optimize each of these traffic sources is a course in and of itself and takes a lot of work, but the KEY goal of this traffic is one thing.

    and one thing only….To make contact with the visitor and build your 1st trust signal.

    Step #03 – Your 1st Trust Signal

    I mentioned that new site visitors give you 2 seconds and are looking for the answer “How can this help or benefit me?

    I then introduced a ‘Lead Magnet’ to you and said that it was “an irresistible offer that offers exceptional value to your visitor…in exchange for their contact info” and that it was a sign from you of goodwill to build trust.

    I then talked about ‘Landing Pages’ and ‘Squeeze Pages’ and said that these were used to improve your conversions. a ‘Landing Page’ is a page that has a sole purpose for the visitor to buy something or try something and doesn’t have any clutter than distract them.

    A ‘Squeeze Page’ is a page that’s sole purpose is to capture a person’s contact details and has even less clutter than a ‘Landing Page’.

    I mentioned that you SHOULD be using these to improve your conversions.

    I explained how conversion on these pages can vary massively, but with an optimized page you can see more than a 50% conversion rate and in order to achieve that I gave you a set of areas to focus on and test.

    I then looked at what the highest converting websites do differently so that you can copy and learn from them. This is very important since using this business marketing system correctly, I showed you how

    Our system yields a 10 000% improvement over the average.

    Boost #01: The Re-Marketing Addon – a Quick Ultimate Explosion Improvement!

    I mentioned repeatedly, that if you haven’t optimized like I’ve shown you, you can expect 97% of site visitors to leave a site without taking action.

    If you’ve done a bit of optimizing you can expect somewhere between 60% to 97% of your site visitors to leave without taking action and I then looked at how I can target these ‘lost opportunities’.

    I showed you that the conversion rate of REPEAT visitors is far higher if done correctly since it’s not the first time seeing your brand, and that “Re-targeting can lead to a 147% higher conversion rate over time.”

    Now that you’ve mastered the 1st trust signal and are collecting people’s contact information, let’s get onto the next step.

    Business Marketing Conversion Rate

    Step #04 The ‘2nd Trust Offer’

    So at this point in the business marketing cycle you’ve got their contact information and built a little bit of trust and what you do now is

    Give your leads a super low offer that is totally irresistible and a no brainer.

    You could offer anything from £1 to £20 and you just want to break even with this offer or even run at a slight loss here, but it’s worth it in the long run!

    There Is Only ONE Goal For This Offer…To convert your leads into buyers.

    Put another way…To change the fundamental relationship from prospect to buyer.

    I said that this is the most fundamental change to your business as it explodes the number of new customers you get.

    I mentioned that this offer needs to do 2 things well:

    1. Be irresistible
    2. Prove to them that you’re adding massive value.

    The value must be immense and the price must be so low that it’s not an objective and that an easy way of developing a ‘2nd Trust Offer’ is to take your main offer and break off a piece of it and package it as an individual product.

    The ‘2nd Trust Offer’ strategy is simple…Convert the maximum number of Lead Magnet leads into paying customers, even at the expense of your profit margin.

    Boost 1: The Re-Marketing Addon Again This Time Even More Powerful!

    We’ve looked at the power of targeting the ‘lost visitors’ who didn’t take action and this time we’re carefully applying it to those site visitors WHO DIDN’T take up your ‘2nd Trust Offer’.

    What I did was add a tag on them and for the next 60 days, we’ve been getting them familiar with your brand and promoting your amazing ‘2nd Trust Offer’.

    Boost 2: The Lead Nurturing Addon For Big Wins!

    I said that it often takes 5 to 12 contacts with a client before they make a purchase and since this is the first purchase you’re asking them to make you need to be in contact with them.

    What you do here is educate then further and move them along the buyer’s journey with appropriate content delivered to them at the right time.

    By effectively nurturing leads, you are able to deliver more warm leads from your ‘Lead Magnet’ to ‘2nd Trust Offer’ sales, ready to engage in sales conversations.

    So to make these 5 to 12 contacts I combine it with the ‘Step 4a – Re-marketing Addon’ and you’ve got an unstoppable formula!

    Boost 3: The Urgency To Catalyse Your ‘2nd Trust Offer’ Conversions

    Business Marketing Urgency

    I started off by saying that approximately 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy. Well, that’s a lot of people who are not ready to take action!

    There are many reasons that they’re not yet ready to buy, so what we need to do is create a sense of urgency, so that they do take action.

    I’m not talking about create ‘fake urgency’ or doing it in a sleazy manner, but a well done carefully constructed sense of urgency is vital.

    This sense of urgency can improve conversions by 332% which means it’s something to be taken seriously!

    How Is It Applied To Our System?

    You need to apply this addon in 3 places:

    1. Website communication of your ‘2nd Trust Offer’
    2. Remarketing Addon communication of your ‘2nd Trust Offer’
    3. Lead Nurturing Addon communication of your ‘2nd Trust Offer’

    Firstly, in your website communication of your ‘2nd Trust Offer’ you need to create this sense of urgency. So when they view the offer, they will feel a sense of urgency to act now.

    Then those people who have not taken you up on your offer will experience the ‘Remarketing Addon’ and in these adverts, the text and communication will CLEARLY communicate this urgency.

    Finally, in your email correspondence about this ‘2nd Trust Offer’ you will create a sense of urgency.

    Combined this ‘Urgency’ catalyst will generate amazing results!

    He or she who acquires the most customers wins…

    It’s that simple.

    Step #05 Your Core Offer & The Secret Sauce

    Your core offer is your flagship offer. Most businesses get nowhere by making Core Offers to cold prospects yet this is what most of them do.

    I showed you how multiple studies show you that an average website converts about 2% of it’s traffic into inquiries which is very low, given that traffic is expensive!

    I said that if you want to become unstoppable you should take EVERYTHING that you make in your ‘Core Offer’ and re-invest it to acquire more customers.

    This is how you become unstoppable. This is how you become successful. This is how you retire young.

    It’s easy since what you have is a system in which you can spend more to acquire a customer than your competitors because you’re earning more per customer and converting better.

    Why Is There Such a Discrepancy & Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?


    I said that people are lazy and your competitors are lazy as well. I said that people are too busy running from one thing to the next.

    They don’t have the time to master and implement these systems. At the very beginning, I also mentioned that there is an information overload and that it takes years to master, test, learn and implement a good system.

    That’s why everyone is not doing it.

    The good news is that it gives you a MASSIVE opportunity to get ahead.

    Boost 1: The Re-Marketing Addon Yet Again The Secret Sauce!

    So what we’re seeing here is a compounded effect. We’ve been building trust through our ‘Lead Magnet’ as well as our ‘2nd Trust Offer’ but still, there are some people who haven’t taken action on our ‘Core Offer’.

    I know that people spend a lot of time online (at least 1.72 hours on social media alone) so what I do is structure a specific and dedicated re-targeting campaign that brings them back to the ‘Core Offer’.

    So if you’re conversion rate was 50% from your ‘2nd Trust Offer’ to your core offer, by targeting those leads that didn’t convert with ads, over a period of 60 or more days, you’ll build up a very strong brand familiarity, and you should see a higher than 75% conversion rate (remember that a good re-targeting campaign can increase your existing offer conversion rate by 150%) on these leads into your core offer.

    Now that’s incredibly powerful!

    Business Marketing Re Targeting Pro Tip

    Boost 2: The Lead Nurturing Addon For Boosting Your Core Sales!

    I mentioned a few times that 50% of leads are qualified, but not ready to buy, and that how you overcome this issue is to send personal, specific emails to those people who purchased your ‘2nd Trust Offer’ but haven’t purchased your ‘Core Offer’. Offer them a reason to buy your core product/service.

    Remember that you’re still better than any competitor (so you can offer them more value) since this isn’t your money spinner. It’s just about cementing the relationship with this customer!

    Boost 3: The Urgency To Catalyse Your ‘Core Offer’ Conversions

    In this step, we create a sense of ‘Urgency’ or ‘Scarcity’ around your ‘Core Offer’ to hurry people along and help them make the decision. You would combine this with ‘Step 5b’ and ‘Step 5c’ for a powerful combined impact!

    I then looked at how many of the most successful businesses in the world make no profit until they reach the next two stages, Profit Maximizers and Return Path.

    Here’s where things get very interesting…

    Step #06 The Profit Maximiser

    I introduced the most important stage to you and showed you that this is where the real money is made and this is about the second aspect of this business growth to get each customer to spend more.

    We’ve said before that most businesses don’t have a ‘2nd Trust Offer’ and they don’t have Profit Maximizers. They live and die selling cold prospects on their Core Offer, this is why they struggle and you won’t.

    I then looked at a few real world examples and started off with McDonalds.

    Worldwide they’re known for their burgers and this is what they promote but they make their money on the chips and soft drinks. I then showed you how you’ve helped make a multi-billion company richer by buying their razors and their 4750% markup.

    I then looked at the world’s largest retailer and showed you they have 2 profit maximisers.

    A Cross-Sell Profit Maximizer offer when they show you, “People that bought this product, also bought that product” to increase the Average Basket Value a second Cross-Sell Profit Maximiser by offering you a bundle!

    Any Offer AFTER The Core Offer Is a Profit Maximiser

    So by now, you’ve got your ‘Lead Magnet’. You’ve got your ‘2nd Trust Offer’ and you’ve got your ‘Core Offer’. You’ve also got your ‘Profit Maximizer’ where you can really get ahead.

    Since this ‘Profit Maximiser’ is your real money spinner.

    We’ll obviously introduce the 2 powerful addons to leverage this!

    Business Marketing Core Offer

    Boost 1: The Re-Marketing Addon For Profit Explosion

    By now you can appreciate the power and effectiveness of the re-marketing addon. Remember that this ‘Profit Maximiser’ is the MOST important part of the process and the more you can sell here at the highest profit level, the better your business will do.

    Using this addon here will truly explode your sales as well as the profitability of your company.

    Boost 2: The Lead Nurturing Addon For a Profit DOUBLE Explosion

    We’ve explained the power of this addon in detail, but if used correctly here it’s brutally effective. Quite simply as we’ve said before “80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th contact” and this applies to your ‘Profit Maximisers’ as well.

    So you need to ensure that you’re presenting them to your clients regularly.

    Boost 3: The Urgency To Catalyse Your ‘Profit Maximiser’ Conversions

    In this step, we create a sense of ‘Urgency’ or ‘Scarcity’ around your ‘Profit Maximiser’ to hurry people along and help them make the decision. You would combine this with ‘Step 6b’ and ‘Step 6c’ for a powerful combined impact!

    That’s The End…Not Quite

    We’ve looked at the business marketing process that will get you ahead. Now the challenge is to implement it. I could write detailed step by steps on how to do this, but

    I feel like I’ve adequately covered the core concepts of this wildly successful business marketing process.

    I understand that it’s a slightly longer way to do business marketing but it takes time to build trust, but when you have this trust it’s far better than a quick sale.

    That’s how you build a successful business. Just look at Apple. Here was a company that almost went belly up and they delivered amazing products and slowly over a period of time built up trust with their consumers.

    “When Microsoft stock was at a record high in 1999, and its market capitalization was nearly £620 billion, the notion that Apple Computer would ever be bigger — let alone twice as big — was laughable.

    Apple was teetering on bankruptcy. And Microsoft’s operating system was so dominant in personal computers, then the center of the technology universe, that the government deemed the company an unlawful monopoly.”

    (Source: NYTimes)

    All that it took was a strict adherence to the process that I’ve outlined and dedication with a hint of patience.

    So I encourage you to get started today. Start by implementing one aspect of the process and then work your way through it!

    The single most powerful action you can take right now is to get started!

    What’s Next?

    That’s easy! Applying what you’ve learned in our business growth strategy series to your business!

    This is how you Implement it & What it Costs

    They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and it’s important that you take the first step in implementing these principles.

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