Powerful Appointment Scheduling Software For a Brand Boost

Learn How to Use This Powerful Appointment Scheduling Software as a Massive Opportunity to Cross-Sell and Up-Sell and Boost Your Business.

Powerful Appointment Scheduling Software For a Brand Boost

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

    Learn how to use this powerful appointment scheduling software as a MASSIVE opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell and boost your business.

    This is part 1 of a 6-part series on increasing sales through improving customer relations with your website.

    How To WOW Your Customers & Prospects. What You MUST Know.

    Welcome to our CUSTOMER CONNECTION series!

    How To WOW & Impress Your Customers

    That’s what I’m going to show you!

    At the end I want your customers to have an INCREDIBLE experience of your company whenever they interact with you with the added benefit of extra cross-sells and upsells for your company.

    A win-win.

    As always, I’m writing for a high level executive so that you can understand:

    1. What’s available.
    2. Why it makes a difference.
    3. What you need to know to make an informed decision.

    What About The How?


    The how is always detailed and is best explained in a one on one chat. It can get quite technical and you’d probably stop reading!

    What I love about the internet is that there are some seriously smart people with very innovative solutions to common problems.

    As you know I read a tremendous amount so I come across cutting edge solutions BEFORE they become mainstream. Years, before they become well known and want to share them with you.

    Sometimes, you’ve come across them but because they are either too complicated to integrate or expensive to roll out many companies leave them.

    Our goal is to always provide a solution for small businesses that is both affordable and easy to integrate.

    What’s My Goal?

    To share these solutions with you so that you’re ahead of your industry.

    At the moment, I’m going to focus on giving your CUSTOMERS the BEST possible experience of your company.

    Again, everything we look at is applicable to businesses of ALL shapes and sizes. Our passion is to help you grow your business using some extremely effective online tools.

    Have You Spotted The Wasted Opportunity?

    There Is An Easy Solution For You!

    Business is about relationships. Secondly, it’s about supply and demand.

    I want to focus on the primary aspect of relationships.

    What’s The Primary Aspect Of Relationships?

    It doesn’t matter WHAT industry you are in, there is communication that happens between your business and the outside world.

    People always need to communicate.

    5 Groups You’re Likely To Communicate With

    1. You communicate with your suppliers.
    2. You communicate with your customers.
    3. You communicate with your prospects.
    4. You communicate with your partners.
    5. You communicate with your staff.

    That’s a lot of communication!


    How Do People Agree To Communicate?

    Simple. They setup a meeting or appointment.

    Almost every time there is communication, there is a meeting/appointment and a set time for this interaction. Let’s examine this a little closer.

    Let’s say you have 10 staff and they are interacting with people ALL day EVERY day.

    In order to setup a meeting they either send a meeting request or phone to arrange a time and enter it into the diary.

    Have You Spotted The Wasted Opportunity Yet?

    Every day there is this interaction, but you’re missing a massive opportunity.

    I’ll share it with you shortly!

    Right now I want you to think about this interaction, and what’s OBVIOUSLY missing.

    Create MASSIVE Brand Familiarity With This SECRET Technique

    Every day you or your staff are interacting with your clients. These interactions are managed through appointments and meetings and this presents a massive opportunity.

    Have You Spotted The Wasted Opportunity Yet?

    Meetings and appointments need to be setup at an agreed upon time that both parties are able to make. It’s right here that there’s a MASSIVE opportunity.

    Currently this happens by phone & calendar or by an email request with VERY LITTLE interaction with your brand in this exchange.

    Most times, there’s ZERO interaction with your brand.

    Think about how companies spend a fortune on marketing that doesn’t generate customers but rather just builds brand awareness, yet every day, they miss this opportunity.

    By now you should have an extremely effective website that converts like crazy, and impresses all who see it. It makes people view you as a professional brand.

    What’s missing?

    Now Is The Time To Capitalize On This Advantage

    What we’ve done is come up with a solution to create MASSIVE BRAND FAMILIARITY.

    with the various people who interact with your company.

    We’re able to integrate a powerful APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING SOFTWARE into your website.

    What’s The Value?

    Think about it, every time that a client needs to setup a meeting, instead of doing it via email request or phone, they will do it via your website.

    What just happened?

    They interact with your brand.

    Isn’t that neat?

    Every day. Every appointment. Every interaction. All these clients will see your website and your brand.

    Why Is This a Great Opportunity?


    The result… .

    Massive brand familiarity.

    Our online appointment scheduling software is far smarted than your traditional options and will also impress your clients with your professionalism. I’ll cover some of the other benefits shortly.

    I hope that get’s you thinking!

    How To Cross-Sell Like a Ninja. It’s So Easy It’s Scary.

    Now that we’ve talked about integrating an online appointment scheduling software into your website, let’s see what impact it can have.

    What this does is ensure that for EVERY meeting and interaction with your clients they’re seeing your website and brand.

    The appointment scheduling software integrates directly into each persons diary and only shows their available slots.

    (You can also set dead times, maximum appointment lengths, a set delay between appointments, national holidays, lunch breaks, tea breaks, etc)

    How Does It Work?

    You’d just ask your clients to book appointments with you online using the appointment scheduling software. It’s SUPER EASY!

    They’d navigate to your website, click on the ‘Make Appointment’ button, select the person they want to meet with and then they’d see the available time slots updated in real time, and select one that suits them.

    The online appointment scheduling software has LOADS of features, including reminders, cancellations, paid bookings, time limited slots, but I want to focus on the WHY not the how.

    How To Benefit From Additional Opportunities?

    So for every meeting that a client has with your company you have done three things:

    1. Got them to see your website and you brand.
    2. Taken them to an online appointment scheduling software.
    3. Given them a world class professional experience.

    What really makes a massive difference is if you carefully structure the online appointment scheduling software.


    We can easily integrate a section on the page showing your latest products/services. So now, the client is more educated about your offering without you even having to show them!

    The opportunity is endless. You really could show your clients ANYTHING you wanted on this page.

    I Want You To Do This Now

    Work out how many appointments are booked in your company EACH week.

    Imagine all of these people saw your website and your services for every appointment. Each week. Every week. Week after week.

    The brand familiarity and the opportunity to cross-sell is MASSIVE.

    This Will Be Common Knowledge Soon. Don’t Miss The Boat.

    This golden point of interaction while setting up appointments is such a prime opportunity.

    3 Amazing Uses For This Appointment Scheduling Software

    1. Increase brand familiarity.
    2. Cross-sell & upsell.
    3. Impress your customers with professionalism.

    The sheer number of appointments that are generated each week just boggles the mind.

    I asked you how many appointments get booked in your company every week.

    When you realize that each of these is a wasted opportunity it will hopefully get you to take action!

    How Many Opportunities Did You Miss This Week?

    Please respond to this email and let me know as we’re currently doing some market research in this field and we’d like some more stats.

    I’d also like to know if you’ve heard of this opportunity before? Not an appointment scheduling software, but using it to cross-sell and up-sell and boost your brand familiarity.

    I mentioned at the start that we’re pretty cutting edge and you’re likely to get insights into trends well before they’re mainstream.

    When Is The Time To Act?

    Now. When everyone has this feature, it’s use will decrease since it won’t impress customers anymore but be expected.

    Is this an opportunity you want to benefit from?

    3 AMAZING Uses Of a Secret Tool We Use ALL The Time

    We talked about how business is all about relationships and the primary aspect of relationships is communication and that this communication occurs through meetings & appointments which are scheduled at a time where it suits both parties.

    At This Juncture You Can

    1. Increase brand familiarity.
    2. Cross-sell & upsell.
    3. Impress your customers with professionalism.

    Using an online appointment scheduling software on your website you can bring the above benefits to all your interactions.

    When they book an appointment you can show them any content you want, and this is often used to cross-sell & up-sell.

    When you work out the number of appointments generated in your company each year, you’ll be amazed at size of this opportunity.

    Our online appointment manager has many awesome features and can easily be integrated even for the most complicated uses!


    What’s The Primary Benefit?

    The massive marketing opportunity it creates!

    Your Next Step

    If you’d like to benefit from this massive opportunity, go on and take a look at our

    Online Appointment Booking App

    If you have any questions about the features that are included or want to understand more of this app, just head on over to our website and book and appointment and we’ll gladly discuss it with you! (We use this tool ALL the time!)

    What this app does is professionalize the process of organizing your companies appointments and using that process to cross-sell and up-sell.

    This App Has Three Major Benefits:

    1. Professional experience – far superior than a phone call or email request!
    2. Improved growth – by strategic up-selling & cross-selling.
    3. Brand familiarity – since each time an appointment is booked they see your website.

    Be professional.

    What’s Next?

    Read our next article in the customer experience management series:

    3 Major Benefits for Offering Great Support With Help Desk Software

    Alex advises business, individuals, and organizations on how to use the internet to grow. He loves ideas and concepts and uses tech to make them a reality. Online marketing is his passion and loves to share the various tricks, and tools he discovers.
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