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What Is Adwords?

Adwords (Paid advertising online) is very similar conceptually to traditional advertising methods, but with one major difference. When it comes to traditional advertising such as magazine ads or flyer drops, you pay your money upfront and you have no way of measuring your ad spend effectiveness.

What You Don't Know

You don’t know which advertising efforts results in sales and which were simply a waste of money. With online adwords/PPC (pay per click) advertising on major sites such as Google, Bing and Facebook you can track conversions, sales and signups and you can control your spend.

Laser Targeting

With adwords you set your budget to focus on the specific demographic that you want to target as well as the product niches that are most profitable.

Using Adwords PPC For Your Business

Go on, give Adwords (paid marketing) a go and get a quick boost in your business. We’ll help you set up your campaign and give you accurate insights into your Adwords campaigns.


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  • Multiple Ad Campaign
  • Multiple Ad Variations
  • Search Network
  • Remarketing GDN Network
Optional Extras
  • Display Image Ads (per set) On Request

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