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    SitePRO is the backbone of your website. Get the building blocks which are the first step to a strong web presence.

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    Our team will integrate the various apps while you sit back and relax. It’s easy, and hands-free for you!

  • Flexible Solutions

    We’ve put together bundles of our most popular apps and offered a discount. If you don’t think any apps are for you, you can always order specific apps individually, but then you’ll miss out on your bundle discount.

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    We’ll setup all of the technical, under-the-hood aspects that prime your site for success.

SiteBOOST Features These Addons

We’ve grouped them below under core, social media and search engine basics. We bolt them onto your website and you get to enjoy the benefits hassle-free.

Connect with your customers using these social media basics

We make it amazingly simple to automatically keep your social profiles updated with the latest news from your company. Social platforms make it easy to share content and reach new users. If you want to reach the billions of users on social media platforms; an attention grabbing social media profile is where it all begins.

Give your website the best chance of being shown to potential customers

To reap the huge benefits that search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) have to offer, you need select the search terms that will make your webpage as relevant as possible in your market niche.

Okay, guys. We get it. These addons do a ton of stuff.

But what does this stuff do for us? Where’s the benefit?

Here’s the benefit: When this SiteBOOST is activated, you’ve just upgraded your basic FIAT to something a bit more powerful. Something to impress clients, something that makes them want to trust you. You’re now ready to boost your business.


Ramp Up Your Website Performance

Setting up a streamlined web presence starts with our core addons. Then jump start your outreach by promoting your website using our social media and search engine addons.

Click on the buttons below for a quick overview of each


When people don’t know something, the first place they turn to is the internet and start with a search engine.

The Search Marketing Story

Even if your business is doing well, extra business is a big bonus. Every day people are looking for your products/services and these ‘new potential customer’ could skyrocket your business.

Except that when they look for what you offer, you’re nowhere to be found.

While we think that search engines are worth billions of dollars, they’re just some lines of code trying to make sense of various intentions. They speak in 1’s and 0’s, not English.

As with all language barriers, it’s good to have a translator to avoid confusion. It’s like that with a website. You need to optimize it for the search engines so that they can send you some incredibly powerful FREE traffic.

What this bundle does is help your website get found and understood by the big search engines who will then send you free traffic.

Search Term Analysis

Our keyword research experts will do a search term analysis to put your business ahead. Know what your customers are looking for in search engines.

This is such a critical app to know what terms people are using in your industry to get FREE traffic.

Not sure why you really need it?

Read this Discover The Exact Phrases To Use With A Search Term Analysis.

Discover today what people are looking for in your industry or niche and get ahead.

On-Page SEO

Benefit from increased traffic and higher conversions through on-page SEO and website optimisation. Get more business. Find out more about on-page SEO.

Not sure why you really need it? Read this 6 Simple Reasons Why Website SEO Is A Good Idea.

Get our SEO marketing experts to help optimize your on-page SEO so that search engines can send you more FREE traffic that converts.

  • These search engine basic apps focus on growing your business by getting you more FREE traffic from the search engines.
  • These apps can have a lasting impact since once your website is optimized for search engines, they will keep sending you more FREE traffic that converts, month after month.
  • They should be selected by all clients who are serious about growing their business.

The internet is changing and social media is part of that change. It’s becoming massive and you need to be a part of it.

Getting Viral

Having a website is so last century. Today you need a social media presence and you need to maintain that presence.

You’ve got 2 choices:

  1. Ignore It – view it as a fad and ignore it. (Put your head in the sand)
  2. Benefit From It – it’s here to stay and you might as well benefit from it.

Having a social media profile or a social share button is one thing, but benefiting from it, is something completely separate!

What this bundle does is help you benefit from the social media boom by getting you more business!

Social Media Automation

Streamline the social media process to get maximum exposure for your website content using social media automation. Try our social media app now!

Our experts will introduce some tried and tested optimisation techniques to your website to boost it’s conversion rate.

Not sure why you really need it?

Read this 5 Social Media Tips To Impress Your Visitors or

This app automates the process of pushing out your website content to various social media platforms.

Social Media Sharing

Social media sharing to get you ahead on social media platforms. Let our social media tools help you become popular online!

Not sure why you really need it? Read this 4 CRAZY Social Media Statistics That You Didn’t Know.

Make it easy for visitors to share your website and it’s content on the social media platforms.

Social Media Improvement

Social media campaigns to grow our brand on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Let our social media improvement experts help you become popular. Find out more!

Not sure why you really need it? Read this 6 Social Media Marketing Benefits To Take Seriously.

Don’t miss out on this massive shift towards social media! Let our experts help get you ahead.

  • These social media apps focus on improving your website traffic using social media and improving your reach.
  • They can greatly increase the reach of your website and attract customers you would never have otherwise have reached.
  • They should be selected by all clients who are serious about growing their business.

Content Guard

You’ve worked hard on your website. The last thing you want is someone stealing all your content and getting credit for it. As you know Google is a very important search engine and they place a high value on unique quality content.

So you DO NOT WANT your content stolen and someone else’s website to get the credit/ranking for it!

Not sure why you really need it? Read this Use Web Protection To Stop Content Theft.

Stop people and automated bots stealing your website content with our content guard app. It disables right click, print screen, and scraper bots stealing your hard work!

Domain Registration

Use our domain name registration service and purchase your domain name and secure your internet address today. Quick, easy and intuitive.

Not sure why you really need it? Read this What You Need To Know About Domain Name Registration.

Let us manage your domain registration and it will make it easier for everyone. We even offer privacy, so you won’t be found by spammers who troll the open directory looking for people to target.

Mobile Boost

As the number of people who own and use mobile devices continues to grow, so does the use of smart phones. 91% of the US adult population currently owns a cell phone and of that 91%, 61% are smartphones.

Next year they expect to sell DOUBLE the number of smartphones compared to PC’s (Source: BusinessDegrees)! Are you ready?

Not sure why you really need it? Read this The Future Of Mobile Applications.

Prompt users on a mobile device to bookmark your website so it looks like an app. Give your mobile users a fantastic experience with this app.

SEO Assist

Benefit from increased traffic and higher conversions through SEO optimisation and website optimisation. Get more business with SEO assist.

Not sure why you really need it? Read this Look Amazing In The Search Results For A Conversion Boost.

This nifty app will help your on-page website optimization for better search traffic.

Website Analytics

Get website reports in your inbox with insights into visitor behavior and traffic sources so you know where to focus. Web analytics to put you in the know.

Not sure why you really need it? Read this A Google Analytics Custom Report 20 Point Checklist.

Get weekly website reports delivered in your inbox.

Website Hosting

Not sure why you really need it? Read this What Is Web Hosting? What You Need To Know.

We’ve perfected the ideal web hosting experience, we offer a high quality web hosting service that is fast, reliable and flexible.

Get great web site hosting!

Website Performance

Significantly improve your website performance and speed, while decreasing spam and other attacks.

Not sure why you really need it?

Read this The Importance Of Website Speed. How 1 Second Can Cost $1.6 Billion.

Find out more about our website acceleration app.

Image Sliders

Grab attention and communicate better with a jaw dropping, animated picture slider. Let us help you with great animated image sliders.

Not sure why you really need it? Read this Use An Image Slider To Boost Visitor Engagement. Here’s How..

Let us take your website to the next level with an interactive image slider to WOW your visitors and boost conversions.

Email Signatures

Stand out from the crowd with a professional email signature. Create a standard look & feel across your company with an eye catching email signature.

Not sure why you really need it? Read this 3 Reasons Why A Professional Email Signature Is Vital.

Each year you and your team send thousands of emails. Don’t waste this opportunity! Turn your corporate communication into something that will impress your customers as well as boost your conversions with a strong call to action!

Website Menu Design

Our website menu design experts will help make your website easy to navigate & improve conversion. Drop down menu and interactive menus that grab attention.

Not sure why you really need it?

Read this Optimizing Your Website Navigation For A Big Conversion Boost or this

6 Website Navigation Best Practices To Follow.

This app will turn your most viewed part of your website (your menu) into something that amazes visitors.

Video Engagement

Make your content even more awesome when you display your website video content or images in a video player frame.

Not sure why you really need it?

You MUST have video on your website. People spend more time with digital video than with social media (and they spend on average 1.7 hours per day on social media!)

Read this The Explosive Growth of Online Video, in 5 Charts.

Find out more about our website acceleration app.

Map For Website

An interactive map for website to help your customers find you. Get an intuitive & mobile friendly map for your website today.

If you have an office or need visitors to know of a location, this app is a must!

We’ve perfected the ideal way to show off your location using an interactive map.

Is Your Website an Asset to Your Business?
Your website is where prospects and customers learn more about your company and industry. It's a great digital asset that's available 24/7 and worth investing in to ensure that all the necessary tools and strategies are in place.

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