Choosing The Right Modules

We’ve grouped the modules into various groups to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. Use the below tabs to view modules from each group.

We recommend that you view your personalised success blueprint which will show you exactly which modules apply to you and will help you succeed. If you’re not a customer, then view the online marketing overview to see how some of the modules fit into the big picture.

As always, if you’re stuck please reach out to us and we’ll help you choose what’s applicable. For some of these you’ll need a website powered by our black box, but for many of them they are standalone, especially the design modules.

Modules To Choose From

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The Most Important Aspects Of Internet Marketing

And How To Use Them To Grow Your Business

Series 1 – What Are The Building Blocks

Series 2 – How To Give Your Website A Boost

Series 3 – How To Improve Conversion

Series 4 – How To Grow Your Business

Series 5 – How To Do Search Marketing

Series 6 – How To Do Social Media

Series 7 – How To Improve Customer Connection

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What The Online Marketing Course Contains

This FREE online marketing course consists of 7 phases. Each of them cover a different aspect of online marketing. By the end of it you’ll have a fantastic understanding of the key components you need to build up a strong online presence. The online marketing course is sequential and focuses on the most important aspects first. We recommend starting at series 1 and taking it from there.

A Brief Overview Of The Free Online Marketing Course

It begins by offering a high level overview of business website building blocks that need to be in place in order to succeed. Thereafter, it looks at an affordable website design boost you can benefit from.

After your site is ready, we then cover an extremely important aspect and spend time showing you why you need to focus on conversion optimisation. This will ensure your website is razor sharp and converts like crazy. Once this is done, we’ll cover online lead generation to grow your business. Only in series 5, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) do we look at how to use search engines to get free traffic.

In series 6, social media strategy, we look at the growth of social media platforms and how you can benefit from these using social media marketing. At this point you should have a good spread of sources of new customers, and now focus on retaining your existing customers with our customer experience management series.

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