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The Fantasy

Part One: The Fantasy

The dream is always sweeter than the reality until you get us involved

“I have heard about the internet being a massive opportunity for business and I’ve had a website built and it looks amazing. Now all I need to do is get some traffic and I’ll be printing money left, right and center!”

And I’m still waiting for Google to rank me #1 and my website traffic to spike…

and my business to boom.

Like we always say, “Dreams are for those who are sleeping.”

We’re wide-awake and hustling internet sales non-stop. That makes a massive difference.

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Who Is Lab41?

At Lab41 we implement strategic online efforts and a full-scale marketing approach to
drive the right results, return, and revenue for businesses like yours.

We love to help businesses grow using the online space.

Part Two: The Challenge

We understand the problem and the danger. The internet has all of that targeted traffic and you’re not getting any of it. Your website is not in the top 3, instead it’s on that back shelf in the dingy part of the basement because it hasn’t proven itself, but it hasn’t been given the chance either!

  • You’ve seen everyone has a smart phone and over 50% of your users are viewing your website on a smart phone but your website is old, clunky and not mobile optimized, so you’re losing sales!
  • Design styles keep changing and your website already doesn’t have those amazing little features that you keep seeing on the amazing modern websites, and you keep falling further behind.
  • You don’t have a massive budget to refresh your website every year, to keep it cutting-edge and optimized to convert, so it starts looking a little old quickly.
  • The last thing you want to do is compromise your entire operation by faking and manipulating your way up Google’s rankings (from cheap promise the world SEO services). Been there, done that (on some of our test sites), fell flat on our collective faces.
The Challenge

So, What Is The Lab41 SitePRO?

It’s our system of providing cutting-edge websites that are optimized to convert visitors into leads and amaze your customers.

We customize it for each client and what you get is a website that’s easy to use, search engine friendly, and above all pay as you.

Did I mention from only $1 per day?

Part 5

Part Three: The Solution

What if I told you that there was a different path, one that was safe, risk-free, secure and brought lasting results to your business (and income)?

It’s not easy. It’s not quick. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Because this path takes insane dedication, execution based on years of experience, and an infrastructure and a team who knows how to do it right every step of the way.

We’ll even flat out tell you how it’s done. In fact, we want you to know how it works!

Head on over to our resources and review our various free online series to help you.

There’s no threat to us (if we’re hired to help customers compete in the same niches, then YOU should worry).

It’s Like This

I could give you the blueprint and guides on how to build a skyscraper step-by-step. In fact it’s all there in Google!

Not only do most people not have the tools and experience, but they don’t have the willpower to follow through, even if it guaranteed that they’d come out the other side as billionaires….

They’d also need to have sufficient funds to pay all the ‘school fees’ and make the mistakes to learn from along the way.

It’s the same with a website. While everyone could build it and market it, they’d need years of learning and millions in software development and testing. In fact they might as well give up their core business and become internet marketers. That’s why it’s better to outsource it.

Part Four: The Answer

Don’t sit around waiting on Google or any other search engine to trickle you in a few sales in hopes that it gives you more exposure.

Send in your own fire-hot, laser-targeted traffic at a cutting-edge, mobile optimized website that converts
like crazy and rocket launch your business!

Yes, this system is crazy effective but it takes effort and years of learning.

…or you can let us do it for you and get a jump start on your competitors.

Part Five: What We Do

We do all of it… every single bit….and we do it right.

Lab41 is a full service offering, focused on delivering targeted growth to companies looking to increase their business from the online space.

You start by ordering a risk-free ‘SitePRO’ trial and when you’re happy, you can then power up your website through SitePRO from $1 per day. It’s no risk! View packages.

Not all clients have the same website requirements so we offer many powerful apps to cover all kinds of client requirements, as well as custom solutions for your business.

Some of our niche website apps are: Events Software, Membership Software, Appointments Software, Online Shop, Online Showroom, Partner Portal, PDF Boost, Job Portal, Expert Translations & Virtual Assistants. Go on, View our niche apps.

Then It’s Time For Some Powerful Marketing!

Part Six: Power Your Web Presence

Once your website is ‘SitePRO’ powered and cutting-edge, you let us know how much you want to grow it by! It’s that easy.

You then select any of our marketing bundles (where you get a big discount) or individual apps depending on your needs.

Everything is on a pay as you go basis so there’s no risk to you!

Go on and browse through our apps for an amazing web presence. View all apps now.

Or.. see below for some of our app bundles with a big discount included.

Build a Real & Lasting Business

“Okay, guys. We get it. You’ll do a ton of stuff. But what does this stuff do for us? What’s the benefit?”

Here’s the benefit: Your old website, powered by SitePRO, is going to look amazing on any device, be optimized to convert better and bring you in more business. Best of all you can power it up with some amazing pay as you go marketing apps!

Are You New Here?

Are you getting as many leads from your website as you should?

Download our free actionable 25 Point Website Design Usability Checklist now and see where you can improve it!

Get Our Free Executive Training

Curious about the steps we take to deliver results?

We’ve turned our own marketing approach into a number of step-by-step series’ targeted at an executive level to help you know what’s going on online!

Good Website Design Series

Using good website design to build a highly profitable website.

Website Marketing Series

Website ranking boost, the 4 SEO tools you need.

Business Growth Strategy Series

Growth strategy to boost your business with your site by 200%.

Website Development First Steps Series

A quick guide to business growth through your website.

Conversion Optimization Series

Get 200% more from your website with conversion marketing.

Online Marketing Series

A lead generation quick win. Do it now for a BIG boost.

Search Marketing Series

Discover the exact phrases to use with a search term analysis.

Social Media Marketing Series

5 social media tips to impress your visitors.

Website Optimization Series

Optimize your content for a big conversion boost.

Customer Experience Management Series

Powerful appointment scheduling software for a brand boost.

We’re here to help you grow your business in the digital space.

Learn something new with one of the Lab41 free marketing series.

Did You Skim Read This?

We know you’re in a rush and probably skim read this page. Tut, tut, tut. If you made it this far well done!

If you’re not a fan of reading, then watch this quick video outlining what we do and how it can benefit you!

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The Solution

Here's What You Can Expect

Step 1. Join the waiting list for your risk-free trial.

Step 2. Get your risk-free trial & be amazed.

Step 3. We’ll make any changes until you’re ecstatic about your site.

Step 4. We’ll make your site live.

Step 5. We’ll activate any marketing apps for you.

Don’t wait around. The sooner you get this process started, the sooner you move towards a solid web presence for your business. Also, even though we are awesome at what we do, we are only human. There’s only 24 hours per day, so don’t pitter-patter around wondering if you should invest in your business.

Others are pulling the trigger NOW, and your spot in line is moving further back.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Otherwise, do what needs to be done and join the waiting list for a risk-free trial and we’ll show you what we can start doing for you today.


100% Satisfaction

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

We offer the guarantee that you’ll be happy with the products and services that we provide. And if you’re not satisfied, we will do our best to make things right.

If there’s anything that we can help with, or if you run into any issues, please get in touch with our support team. They’re really friendly and will help you get the results you’re looking for.


We’ve been doing this a long time, naturally people talk.

  • The fact that we didn’t have to pay a massive set-up fee like you would to most website developers, and that we were not tied into a contract meant that if it didn’t work out we wouldn’t have lost anything. We were pretty amazed by the result and couldn’t believe how great our outdated website looked after being powered through the ‘SitePRO’!

    Taryn Sukuma
    Taryn Calmeyer
  • My IT knowledge is minimal. I did not understand the many facets in building a website and was deeply concerned I would land up with another tool that would not add value to our business. I found Lab41 extremely patient and, prepared to teach me what I needed to know to get the best end product and, to make said product work best for me. It became a fascinating process. I also found the turnaround time remarkable.

    Bridget Pronel
    Bridget Jones
    Pronel Personnel
  • The biggest worry when hiring someone to build a new site is that they are able to translate the concept in your head into the end product. Everyone has a specific idea or concept and making sure that translates onto screen can be daunting. My brand image and message is very particular and I really feel Lab41 created exactly what I wanted and needed.
    Lab41 are innovative, fast, efficient and simply brilliant!

    Nadia Lio Global
    Nadia Read
  • They were very professional in their approach and knew so much about my business already that there were not that many questions that needed answering.
    Go with Lab41 – they know what they are doing and will add big value to your business.

    Logistics Africa
    Bert Hofhuis

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